tazpkg log Makefile

age author description
2018-01-30 Aleksej Bobylev Add Italian; make pot; make msgmerge; make clean
2017-01-10 Aleksej Bobylev Add Japanese translations (thanks Keiichi Shiga)
2016-11-20 Aleksej Bobylev Update translations.
2016-05-21 Pascal Bellard Makefile: use $(CC) not gcc
2016-03-09 Aleksej Bobylev Add tazpkg-notification.c to get feedback from notification bubble with action button(s), rework tazpkg-notify; make pot & msgmerge
2015-12-10 Aleksej Bobylev Change icons presentation in code - free to use anywhere, simplify icons substitution, minify html, misc
2015-08-28 Aleksej Bobylev Add a bunch of modules with new-style support of 'root' (not all commands are modules yet); strip and compress resources.
2015-08-15 Aleksej Bobylev Add module "upgrade"; make bullet-proof code to work with "root" ("recharge" and "upgrade" modules); re-make depends/rdepends commands.
2015-08-14 Aleksej Bobylev Remove all --options from positional parameters; make "recharge" module; re-make "up" and "search" commands.
2015-08-11 Aleksej Bobylev Add modules "info", "list" with extended functions; update documentations and translations
2015-08-04 Aleksej Bobylev Add module "mkdb"; pkgs.cgi: fix AJAX loader display
2015-07-25 Aleksej Bobylev Add README.devel; introduce libexec for modules; rename modules; support install variables in Makefile.
2015-06-04 Aleksej Bobylev Update documentation (attempt to describe all the commands both with all options). Strongly need to review and update translations and docs! Add TazPkg help system for commandline (based on the HTML docs). Attempt to drop all package lists but "packages.info". Small improvements and code prettify.
2015-05-15 Aleksej Bobylev Makefile: make pkgs.cgi executable; tazpkg: fix processing extra.list in the "tazpkg recharge", tiny edits.
2015-04-07 Aleksej Bobylev Makefile: TazPanel' icons no need anymore, removed.
2015-04-06 Pascal Bellard pkgs.cgi: non root support
2015-01-21 Aleksej Bobylev Add and use icons from Faenza icon theme (new light look and feel); fix last recharge date (pay respect to timezone time offset); add few comments; stylize search toolbar; fix "up" command; admin: select mirror as standard way to select item from list; open external links in the new tab (or new window); and a ton of other small changes.
2015-01-11 Aleksej Bobylev pkgs.cgi: show last recharge date in a different way; fix Makefile.
2014-12-18 Aleksej Bobylev pkgs.cgi: new package' links (less HTML, more CSS); add pkgs.css; transition to packages.info.
2014-12-15 Aleksej Bobylev Move some sources to new "tazpanel" and "modules" folders.
2014-12-15 Aleksej Bobylev Makefile: move icons to icons (i.e. clean pixmaps); tazpkg: typo; tazpkg-notify: fix messages.
2014-12-13 Aleksej Bobylev Finish translation converting; now strongly need to re-check translations using original files from translators.
2014-12-05 Pascal Bellard Fix VERSION in Makefile
2014-12-02 Aleksej Bobylev Use other confirm() (see slitaz-base-files package).
2014-12-02 Aleksej Bobylev Separate convert functions to tazpkg-convert; functions that are common to the tazpkg and tazpkg-convert moved to libs.
2014-12-01 Aleksej Bobylev Code reformatting: use '_' and '_n' gettext functions, split solid "text" into "chapters" and "paragraphs", tiny misc.
2014-06-26 Aleksej Bobylev Add Chinese Simplified translations (thanks jame987165702).
2013-12-23 Christophe Lincoln Added /etc/xdg/autostart/tazpkg-notify.desktop so TazPKG Notify will start with user session
2013-07-25 Aleksej Bobylev Add Polish translation (thanks Pawel Pyrczak); merge tazpkg, tazpkg-notify and other *pkg* translations into one; simplify plural translations using $num; normalize name (Tazpkg, TazPKG -> TazPkg); move markup outside translations; re-use categories names in tazpkg and tazpanel; other tiny improvements.5.1.2
2013-06-29 Pascal Bellard Add tazpanel files
2012-12-22 Aleksej Bobylev Added Greek translations (thanks Constantine Mousafiris)
2012-06-23 Aleksej Bobylev **tazpkg**: add common output functions: action, title, footer; change the way category translate, localized categories can include spaces; implement boldify, emsg & confirm functions from new libtaz; rename log function to log_pkg; fix check_root invocation; fix convert_rpm function; implement plural i18n messages; list-mirror: --text|--txt|--raw|* produces same output; extract: check for errors in final message; list-config --box: do we need it?; repack-config: date/time in receipt in local format; '--help-up' changed to 'help-up' due to error with new libtaz. **tazpkg-box**: add i18n preamble; fix actions. **tazpkg-notify**: implement plural. **Makefile**: support new functions & tazpkg-box. **po/**: Make pot & msgmerge. Add Russian translation. Add Spanish translation for tazpkg-notify (thanks Kevin Fabian Quintero).
2012-02-29 Christophe Lincoln Up Makefile and copyright year
2011-08-30 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Improve Makefile. add targz command
2011-08-29 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Add Spanish locales. Thanks Lucas
2011-06-02 Christophe Lincoln Add tazpkg-notify French translation and small fix to Makefile
2011-06-02 Christophe Lincoln Moved pt.po to pt_BR.po
2011-06-02 Christophe Lincoln Fix Makefile for i18n and up POT and msgmerge
2011-06-02 Christophe Lincoln tazpkg: small fix to clean-up
2011-05-16 Christophe Lincoln Move tazpkgbox to oldstuff
2011-04-08 Christophe Lincoln Disable po support untill we found the bug (msgmerge dont work)4.6.1
2011-04-08 Christophe Lincoln Some fix to POT file but get an error.
2011-04-08 Christophe Lincoln Arf ust tagued and must push some some fix due to tazpkg change and new packages.up
2011-04-07 Claudinei Pereira Add portuguese po files
2011-04-06 Christophe Lincoln Fix Makefile and update POT file4.3
2011-04-06 Christophe Lincoln Prepare release and fix version
2011-04-06 Christophe Lincoln Add tazpkg-notify (notification icon in systray with custom action, must be started by WM autostart script
2010-10-18 Christophe Lincoln Fix Makefile
2010-10-18 Christophe Lincoln Prepa for release4.0
2010-06-21 Christophe Lincoln Started libtazpkgbox gettextization
2010-06-20 Christophe Lincoln Move all splited functions to libtazpkgbox (easier for translation)
2010-06-20 Christophe Lincoln Some clean-up
2010-06-20 Christophe Lincoln Gettextize tazpkg
2010-06-20 Christophe Lincoln Prepare for i18n with gettext
2010-01-06 Christophe Lincoln Mouved file path to a config file (/etc/slitaz/tazpkg.conf)
2009-04-22 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Fix Makefile. Also uninstall tazpkgbox
2008-08-04 Christophe Lincoln Makefile: install tazpkgbox and libs
2007-11-26 Christophe Lincoln Add the Makefile