tazpkg log

age author description
2015-11-23 Pascal Bellard pkgs.cgi: add file chooser (again)
2015-11-23 Pascal Bellard pkgs.cgi: add file chooser (again)
2015-11-23 Aleksej Bobylev tazpkg-notify: also use notify-send for desktop notifications
2015-11-22 Pascal Bellard pkgs.cgi: add file chooser
2015-11-22 Pascal Bellard pkgs.cgi: show modified config files (again)
2015-11-22 Pascal Bellard pkgs.cgi: show virtual package info
2015-11-19 Aleksej Bobylev Module "get": fix reinstall (thanks Lucas Levrel); "get", "install": fix installing of blocked packages; add "list-cache" command
2015-11-17 Aleksej Bobylev Module "install": fix kernel modules update
2015-11-17 Aleksej Bobylev Module "getenv": better checking of 'installed.info'; module "get": display abridged wget status, move here test for package already installed from "tazpkg" code
2015-11-16 Aleksej Bobylev Module "get": copy source in download_from() for local repo; module "install": use version for depmod
2015-11-16 Aleksej Bobylev "get": wget not quiet now; "install": hide 'update-desktop-database' errors; "tazpkg": -gi: check package installed before getting
2015-11-16 Aleksej Bobylev module 'install': change 'depmod' invocation
2015-11-14 Aleksej Bobylev remove: using "rmdir -p" instead of loop (thanks Lucas Levrel)
2015-11-13 Aleksej Bobylev pkgs.cgi: quick fix missing last list entry (thanks Darjeeling)
2015-11-13 Aleksej Bobylev tazpkg-box: change window icon
2015-11-12 Aleksej Bobylev remove: speed up to a hundred times
2015-11-09 Aleksej Bobylev pkgs.cgi: innerText not works in the Firefox
2015-11-09 Aleksej Bobylev cache: fix working; install: install official conf.files if destination is absent; tazpkg-notify: change icons
2015-11-08 Pascal Bellard pkgs.cgi: show modified config files
2015-11-07 Aleksej Bobylev tazpanel-pkgs.desktop: change icon
2015-10-30 Aleksej Bobylev pkgs.cgi: pkgs.slitaz.org integration
2015-10-25 Aleksej Bobylev Make pot; place new fr.po (thanks Lucas Levrel)
2015-10-25 Aleksej Bobylev Update complete French TazPkg documentation (thanks Lucas Levrel)
2015-10-20 Aleksej Bobylev Fix working of modules/reconfigure (thank Robertux for bugreport); small changes.
2015-10-19 Paul Issott Tiny edits
2015-10-10 Aleksej Bobylev Add 'mkdb' description to 'usage' and English docs. Refresh French translation (thanks Lucas Levrel)
2015-10-09 Aleksej Bobylev Remove "busybox" "prefixes" (thanks llev)
2015-10-06 Aleksej Bobylev install: rebuild fs/ tree respecting destination symlinks before installing files and folders to filesystem
2015-10-05 Aleksej Bobylev Finish modularization. Beta release: still have few FIXMEs and TODOs.
2015-09-06 Pascal Bellard tazpanel-pkgs.desktop: do not ask for root password twice
2015-09-02 Aleksej Bobylev tazpkg: internal command 'call ...' to call tazpkg functions from modules (to share functions between tazpkg and its modules)
2015-08-28 Aleksej Bobylev pkgs.cgi: show blocked icon on "info" page for blocked depends/suggests
2015-08-28 Aleksej Bobylev Add a bunch of modules with new-style support of 'root' (not all commands are modules yet); strip and compress resources.
2015-08-16 Paul Issott Tiny edits
2015-08-16 Pascal Bellard repack SHORT_DESC fix (thanks aleksej)
2015-08-16 Pascal Bellard repack SHORT_DESC workaround
2015-08-15 Aleksej Bobylev Add module "upgrade"; make bullet-proof code to work with "root" ("recharge" and "upgrade" modules); re-make depends/rdepends commands.
2015-08-15 Paul Issott en: edit docs
2015-08-14 Aleksej Bobylev Remove all --options from positional parameters; make "recharge" module; re-make "up" and "search" commands.
2015-08-14 Pascal Bellard Update fr.po
2015-08-14 Aleksej Bobylev pkgs.cgi: info page: show more info; show suggested list with descriptions (handy for packages like "gvfs")
2015-08-13 Aleksej Bobylev pkgs.cgi: show if equivalent package installed (in the package info: depends, suggested)
2015-08-12 Aleksej Bobylev Module "info": fix packages.info absence; check available upgrades for installed packages.
2015-08-11 Pascal Bellard Update fr.po
2015-08-11 Aleksej Bobylev Add modules "info", "list" with extended functions; update documentations and translations
2015-08-05 Aleksej Bobylev tazpkg: fix "ghost" packages (thanks Ceel)
2015-08-04 Aleksej Bobylev Fix tazpkg-box.desktop: click on .tazpkg file (thanks kubepc)
2015-08-04 Aleksej Bobylev tazpkg: move "find-depends" TazPkg module in a right place
2015-08-04 Aleksej Bobylev Add module "mkdb"; pkgs.cgi: fix AJAX loader display
2015-07-25 Pascal Bellard Update zh_CN.po (thanks Wenyu Zhang)
2015-07-25 Aleksej Bobylev Add README.devel; introduce libexec for modules; rename modules; support install variables in Makefile.
2015-07-24 Pascal Bellard Update pt_BR.po (thanks Genesis)
2015-07-24 Aleksej Bobylev tazpkg: display summary by default
2015-07-24 Aleksej Bobylev tazpkg: re-write "desc" function to use all available sorts of descriptions (installed, mirrored, short, long, localized)
2015-07-19 Aleksej Bobylev tazpkg: tiny change to be Bash (as /bin/sh) compatible (thanks Nathan Neulinger)
2015-07-16 Pascal Bellard tazpkg-convert: add .txz slackware support
2015-07-12 Pascal Bellard Add Name[fr] in .desktop
2015-07-11 Paul Issott Update zh_CN.po (thanks Zhangwenyu)
2015-06-08 Aleksej Bobylev tazpkg: add migration to the 9-field installed.info; pkgs.cgi: fix pkgs type in the lists, fix search when undigest DB is incomplete, implement TazPkg title and sub-title, pkg state icon in the pkg info; pkgs.css: move app-icon to the right.
2015-06-05 Aleksej Bobylev tazpkg, tazpkg-convert: few more quoting to allow spaces in the path