tazpkg log

age author description
2012-02-29 Antoine Bodin Fix a long-standing bug that causes download to fails when the url of mirror was not suffixed with a slash
2012-02-29 Antoine Bodin Fix a bug that made tazpkg recharge slow
2012-02-29 Christophe Lincoln Added tag 4.8 for changeset feaa61126ea6
2012-02-29 Christophe Lincoln Update POT file4.8
2012-02-29 Christophe Lincoln tazpkg-box: Use terminal to extract or install
2012-02-29 Christophe Lincoln Up Makefile and copyright year
2012-02-29 Christophe Lincoln Add tazpkg-box (replace tazpkgbox-install to perform actions on package from file managers)
2012-02-19 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Added tag 4.7.4 for changeset 6ace4f1ad540
2012-01-14 Pascal Bellard tazpkg: remove an error message for CONFIG_FILES4.7.4
2012-01-03 Antoine Bodin Added tag 4.7.3 for changeset 73e376e7e6b5
2012-01-03 Antoine Bodin Up $VERSION to
2012-01-03 Antoine Bodin Fix: make tazpkg up works fine with multiple repositories (please test it); Update translations according to this.
2011-11-06 Christopher Rogers tazpkg: Fixed --help-up option.
2011-11-06 Christopher Rogers tazpkg: Compile glib schemas if /usr/bin/glib-compile-schemas exists on system.
2011-11-04 Christopher Rogers tazpkg: Fixed remove option to use $ROOT when executing post_remove and pre_remove functions.
2011-11-01 Christopher Rogers Added tag 4.7.2 for changeset fea6087988d8
2011-11-01 Christopher Rogers Update version number.4.7.2
2011-08-31 Christopher Rogers tazpkg: Fixed PACKAGE_DIR to not error dirname when is empty. This error happens when using recharge option.
2011-08-30 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Improve Makefile. add targz command
2011-08-29 Eric Joseph-Alexandre add Spanish locale for tazpkg-notify. Thanks Lucas
2011-08-29 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Add es.po
2011-08-29 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Add Spanish locales. Thanks Lucas
2011-08-29 Eric Joseph-Alexandre uFix
2011-08-18 Christopher Rogers Added tag 4.7.1 for changeset 135c69d40bb8
2011-08-10 Christopher Rogers tazpkg: Don't remove 2>/dev/null in $PACKAGE_DIR. There is no need to use [ -n $PACKAGE ] in $PACKAGE_DIR since its only used once in $PACKAGE_FILE and it don't stop 'can't cd '.'' errors. Also I don't think [ -n $PACKAGE ] fixed this problem.4.7.1
2011-08-09 Pascal Bellard install --root= needs packages.* index
2011-08-08 Christopher Rogers tazpkg: Fixed the 'can't cd to .' errors again. Using 2>/dev/null to PACKAGE_DIR to stop the error.
2011-08-08 Christopher Rogers tazpkg: Fixed for last commit to make full path with install opiton work again.
2011-08-08 Christopher Rogers tazpkg: Fixed install option to work in current path again. I needed to add a if statement to null $PACKAGE_DIR if it equal '.'. Before it was not assigning $PACKAGE_FILE if $PACKAGE_DIR equal '.' so we didn't get error problems cding to '.'. Also PACKAGE_DIR equals cd $(dirname ) cause cd nothing will go to $HOME.
2011-07-30 Christopher Rogers tazpkg: Check for libraries.txt instead of library if ID file exist.
2011-07-10 Christopher Rogers tazpkg: Fixed PACKAGE_FILE to not cause '/usr/bin/tazpkg: cd: line 46: can't cd to .' errors. This happened cause dirname just equal '.' if there is no folder in $PACKAGE variable. This fix shouldn't cause any problems anyways.
2011-06-26 Christopher Rogers tazpkg: Added support for upgrade to work with undigest repos using $LOCALSTATE/priority file.
2011-06-20 Pascal Bellard tazpkg convert: may specify LOCALSTATE dir
2011-06-03 Christopher Rogers tazpkg: Fixed typo in usage.
2011-06-02 Claudinei Pereira Fixes on portuguese doc
2011-06-02 Claudinei Pereira Update pt_BR.po
2011-06-02 Christophe Lincoln Added tag 4.7 for changeset fb0853e3eeda
2011-06-02 Christophe Lincoln Prepa for release4.7
2011-06-02 Christophe Lincoln Update doc, use new style and a css file to avoid code duplication in html
2011-06-02 Christophe Lincoln Add tazpkg-notify French translation and small fix to Makefile
2011-06-02 Christophe Lincoln Moved pt.po to pt_BR.po
2011-06-02 Christophe Lincoln Update POT and msgmerge (less strings)
2011-06-02 Christophe Lincoln tazpkg-notify: switch to TazPanel, no more tazpkgbox
2011-06-02 Christophe Lincoln tazpkg: add some command switch (ex: install|-i)
2011-06-02 Christophe Lincoln tazpkg: remove old upgrade and upgradeable code
2011-06-02 Christophe Lincoln tazpkg: clean update list so tazpkg-notify dont comes up on each login
2011-06-02 Christophe Lincoln fr.po make strings definitve
2011-06-02 Christophe Lincoln Fix Makefile for i18n and up POT and msgmerge
2011-06-02 Christophe Lincoln tazpkg: small fix to clean-up
2011-05-28 Christophe Lincoln Added tag 4.6.3 for changeset 1ff567e9ef8b
2011-05-28 Christophe Lincoln Prepa for release4.6.3
2011-05-19 Christophe Lincoln Small cosmetic change
2011-05-18 Pascal Bellard tazpkg: fix warnings for PACKAGE_FILE
2011-05-16 Christophe Lincoln Update POT but we gor error on msgmerge
2011-05-16 Christophe Lincoln Move tazpkgbox to oldstuff
2011-05-16 Christophe Lincoln Added tag 4.6.2 for changeset 9080f7d1ae1d
2011-05-16 Christophe Lincoln Tazpkg work fine now! Prepa for rel4.6.2
2011-05-15 Pascal Bellard tazpkg: store path in PACKAGE_FILE
2011-05-11 Paul Issott Tiny edits
2011-05-05 Christopher Rogers Fixed typo in last commit.