tazpkg log modules/find-depends

age author description
2017-02-19 Paul Issott Tiny edits
2015-12-29 Aleksej Bobylev Module 'get': fix temp dir; module 'find-depends': faster search, add debug messages
2015-10-05 Aleksej Bobylev Finish modularization. Beta release: still have few FIXMEs and TODOs.
2015-08-28 Aleksej Bobylev Add a bunch of modules with new-style support of 'root' (not all commands are modules yet); strip and compress resources.
2015-08-11 Aleksej Bobylev Add modules "info", "list" with extended functions; update documentations and translations
2015-07-25 Aleksej Bobylev Add README.devel; introduce libexec for modules; rename modules; support install variables in Makefile.