tazpkg log COPYING

age author description
2016-03-27 Leonardo Laporte Add: License info in Portuguese.
2015-08-28 Aleksej Bobylev Add a bunch of modules with new-style support of 'root' (not all commands are modules yet); strip and compress resources.
2015-01-09 Aleksej Bobylev Store sidebar settings in the session cookies (browser sets, changes, and sends them automatically); use "<button>" tag instead of "<a>" and "<input type='button'>" to show buttons (it allows to translate button captions, and provides uniform look of buttons); "list" and "tag" commands shows short description about what is really listed; "tag" respects repo; "blocked" shows blocked packages; small style change; encode COPYING in UTF-8.
2014-02-16 Christophe Lincoln tazpkg info: Fix license and up copyright date
2013-07-25 Aleksej Bobylev Add Polish translation (thanks Pawel Pyrczak); merge tazpkg, tazpkg-notify and other *pkg* translations into one; simplify plural translations using $num; normalize name (Tazpkg, TazPKG -> TazPkg); move markup outside translations; re-use categories names in tazpkg and tazpanel; other tiny improvements.5.1.2
2013-06-29 Pascal Bellard Add tazpanel files
2011-04-06 Christophe Lincoln Prepare release and fix version
2010-01-07 Christophe Lincoln Prepa for release (update date)3.2
2009-08-05 Christophe Lincoln Prepa for release3.0
2008-01-06 Christophe Lincoln Set (c) 2008 and prepa for release 1.6
2007-11-26 Christophe Lincoln Add the COPYING and AUTHORS file