tazpanel log network.cgi

age author description
2014-01-03 Christophe Lincoln (c) --> 2014 and update AUTHORS file1.7
2013-06-12 Aleksej Bobylev network.cgi: better checking of Wi-Fi signal quality
2012-06-30 Pascal Bellard network.cgi: fix connected networks
2012-06-30 Pascal Bellard network.cgi: add ap
2012-06-30 Pascal Bellard network.cgi: fix scan parsing, use any key type
2012-05-17 Aleksej Bobylev add visual sections to pages
2012-05-17 Aleksej Bobylev change 'zebra' table styles to use in scrollable tables
2012-05-04 Aleksej Bobylev 3 weeks forging ;) Some bugs fixed, maybe all i18n improved (please, recheck 'po's!), couple of new features added... Enjoy!1.5.5
2012-04-11 Aleksej Bobylev translatable header, footer & titles; make pot
2012-04-02 Christophe Lincoln live: make live usb into tazpanle, new input and button style1.5.2
2012-03-12 Christian Mesh meshca Changed wifi start to restart networking)1.4.4
2012-03-09 naitsirhc added Restart button to network main page
2012-03-01 Christophe Lincoln network.cgi: Fix enabling wifi typo (found on fresh install with rolling)1.4.1
2012-02-29 Christophe Lincoln Improve wifi connection1.4
2012-02-28 Christophe Lincoln network.cgi: Some small fixes
2012-02-28 Christophe Lincoln network.cgi: Dont modify config file if essid is just selected
2012-02-28 Christophe Lincoln network.sh: Make ESSID clickable to select it and detect WPA2
2012-02-28 Christophe Lincoln network.cgi: Add Wifi connection form
2011-08-14 Paul Issott Tiny edits
2011-04-18 Pascal Bellard network.cgi: add pid link
2011-04-18 Christophe Lincoln network.cgo: Add some info under page title
2011-04-16 Pascal Bellard network.cgi: pscan is too slow, needs its own page
2011-04-16 Pascal Bellard network.cgi: add anchors
2011-04-16 Pascal Bellard network.cgi: add local ports scan
2011-04-16 Pascal Bellard network.cgi: add IP Connections
2011-04-15 Paul Issott Tiny edits
2011-04-15 Pascal Bellard network.cgi/eth: activate dhcp or static
2011-04-15 Christophe Lincoln Add some doc/help, use a BSD License and add COPYING file
2011-04-15 Christophe Lincoln Add a tux icon and remove all call to gettext in *.cgi since we zse the same text domain and it is sourced/exported in libtazpanel
2011-04-15 Christophe Lincoln network.cgi: randow fixes (start-stop wifi) and improvment
2011-04-15 Christophe Lincoln network.cgi: Add static IP config
2011-04-15 Christophe Lincoln network.cgi: Improve wifi settings
2011-04-14 Christophe Lincoln network.cgi: Start improving it and adding features, also tiny fix to pkgs.cgo for clean-cache
2011-04-13 Pascal Bellard Use httpd_helper parser (GET)
2011-04-12 Christophe Lincoln Show Panel activity and log a few more things to test (we need date in log() and reverse output on main page)
2011-04-12 Christophe Lincoln move syntax_highlighter to libtazpanel to be used in other case than file and put colors in CSS so it themeable
2011-04-12 Pascal Bellard network.cgi: add routing table
2011-04-12 Christophe Lincoln remove debug_info and put code in header
2011-04-10 Paul Issott Tiny edits and make pot
2011-04-09 Christophe Lincoln Update all page with latest functions such as debug, bunch of fixes and adding support for deamons
2011-04-07 Christophe Lincoln Add settings.cgi and split user config from index.cgi, add need CSS stuff and up POT
2011-04-06 Christophe Lincoln Better CSS for pkgs.cgi and handle packages category as fast as we can
2011-04-06 Christophe Lincoln Fix TEXTDOMAIN for *.cgi
2011-04-06 Christophe Lincoln Use 1 POT file for all TazPanel and create network.cgi