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This web interface lets you follow in real time all improvements, fixes and other changes made by SliTaz GNU/Linux contributors. Latest commits to the Cooking wok are on the SliTaz website and SCN.

Repositories list

Name Description Contact Last change  
wok SliTaz Cooking wok Christophe Lincoln 46 hours ago
tazpanel SliTaz Administration Panel Christophe Lincoln 46 hours ago
slitaz-base-files SliTaz base files Pascal Bellard 3 days ago
tazusb SliTaz LiveUSB utility Eric Joseph-Alexandre 3 days ago
tazpkg SliTaz Packages manager Christophe Lincoln 5 days ago
slitaz-tools SliTaz Tools and Tinyutils Christophe Lincoln 5 days ago
cookutils Utils to cook SliTaz packages Christophe Lincoln 5 days ago
tazinst SliTaz Installer Dominique Corbex 7 days ago
flavors SliTaz Cooking flavors Christophe Lincoln 11 days ago
slitaz-configs SliTaz configuration files Christophe Lincoln 2 weeks ago
tazweb SliTaz Web Browser Christophe Lincoln 2 weeks ago
slitaz-boot-scripts SliTaz boot scripts Christophe Lincoln 3 weeks ago
tazlito SliTaz Live Tool Pascal Bellard 3 weeks ago
wok-undigest SliTaz Undigest wok Christophe Lincoln 5 weeks ago
wok-stable SliTaz Stable wok Christophe Lincoln 6 weeks ago
get-scripts SliTaz scripts to get extra packages Pascal Bellard 7 weeks ago
website SliTaz Website Christophe Lincoln 8 weeks ago
slitaz-forge SliTaz Forge Config Eric Joseph-Alexandre 8 weeks ago
slitaz-dev-tools SliTaz Developers Tools Christophe Lincoln 2 months ago
wok-backports SliTaz Backports Wok Eric Joseph-Alexandre 3 months ago
tazbug SliTaz Bug Tracker Christophe Lincoln 4 months ago
slitaz-doc SliTaz system doc Christophe Lincoln 4 months ago
spk SliTaz Packages Toolset Christophe Lincoln 4 months ago
slitaz-arm SliTaz ARM Tools and files Christophe Lincoln 4 months ago
slitaz-pizza SliTaz Pizza Cooker Christophe Lincoln 6 months ago
ssfs SliTaz Secure File Storage Christophe Lincoln 12 months ago
sts SliTaz Tiny/Touchscreen Screen desktop Christophe Lincoln 14 months ago
fbs Framebuffer Boot Splash toolkit Christophe Lincoln 15 months ago
tinycm Tiny Content Manager Christophe Lincoln 15 months ago
tazirc SliTaz IRC Toolset Christophe Lincoln 17 months ago
slish SliTaz SHell on demand Christophe Lincoln 18 months ago
wok-tiny Tiny SliTaz wok Pascal Bellard 2013-07-18
slitaz-modular Scripts to make SliTaz Modular Christopher Rodgers 2013-03-13
tiny-slitaz Tiny SliTaz Project Pascal Bellard 2012-09-03
flavors-stable SliTaz Stable flavors Pascal Bellard 2012-05-08
tazwok SliTaz Packages builder Christophe Lincoln 2012-04-11
slitaz-vz SliTaz OpenVZ integration Eric Joseph-Alexandre 2012-03-26
slitaz-doc-wiki-data SliTaz documentation wiki content Christopher Rodgers 2012-03-20