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21 months ago Pascal Bellard Remove ashism ==default tip
2016-03-30 Pascal Bellard tazwok: unlzma compatibility
2016-03-30 Aleksej Bobylev Tiny edits
2012-04-11 Christophe Lincoln Add libtazwok (old libtaz) - Lib taz is unmaintained and report only used by tazwok. Also for the future we need a better libtaz (now in slitaz-base-files)
2012-03-11 Antoine Bodin Compatibility fix for $install variable in compile_rules4.3
2012-01-03 Antoine Bodin Speed optimization of md5sum & build-depends scan core loops.4.3
2011-12-10 Antoine Bodin Added tag 4.2.18 for changeset e5822926cd30
2011-12-10 Antoine Bodin Release: change VERSION to
2011-12-10 Antoine Bodin Merge hotfixes from default branch4.3
2011-12-10 Antoine Bodin Compat: execute compile_rules() from directory when possible to match cookutils behavior

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4.2.18 e5822926cd30
4.2.17 3b78028d5730
4.2.16 a771874e05d6
4.2.15 40ed5424dbfc
4.2.14 1165e2c0ac23
4.2.13 621bcc0de8ca
4.2.12 ada9fd937936
4.2.11 a99465ca9b36
4.2.10 5092d2083471
4.2.9 6860bdd72031


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