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tazwok log

age author description
10 months ago Pascal Bellard tazwok: unlzma compatibilitydefault tip
10 months ago Aleksej Bobylev Tiny edits
2012-04-11 Christophe Lincoln Add libtazwok (old libtaz) - Lib taz is unmaintained and report only used by tazwok. Also for the future we need a better libtaz (now in slitaz-base-files)
2012-03-11 Antoine Bodin Compatibility fix for $install variable in compile_rules4.3
2012-01-03 Antoine Bodin Speed optimization of md5sum & build-depends scan core loops.4.3
2011-12-10 Antoine Bodin Added tag 4.2.18 for changeset e5822926cd30
2011-12-10 Antoine Bodin Release: change VERSION to
2011-12-10 Antoine Bodin Merge hotfixes from default branch4.3
2011-12-10 Antoine Bodin Compat: execute compile_rules() from directory when possible to match cookutils behavior
2011-12-09 Antoine Bodin Fix: -pipe compile flag shouldn't make compilation fails because of low ram anymore (+ cosmetic change)
2011-12-09 Antoine Bodin Fix: remove_previous_package() doesn't triger false failure report anymore.
2011-12-09 Antoine Bodin Fix: make a sed pattern more precise in remove_src()
2011-11-26 Christopher Rogers Merge default.4.3
2011-11-26 Antoine Bodin Added tag 4.2.17 for changeset 3b78028d5730
2011-11-26 Antoine Bodin Change VERSION to
2011-11-26 Antoine Bodin Fixes: minor compatibility fixes & a change in extract_tarball which make it quicker and more reliable.
2011-07-06 Christopher Rogers Merge default.4.3
2011-07-06 Christopher Rogers tazwok: Moved libs variable to update_lib_db function. Fixed a typo.4.3
2011-06-18 Christopher Rogers tazwok: Unset $KBASEVER in source_receipt function.
2011-06-15 Christopher Rogers tazwok: Add $KBASEVER so if its set it will replace $VERSION. This fixes source version tarball name when using linux-patch $VERSION.
2011-05-27 Christophe Lincoln tazwok: handle *.run source (self executable)
2011-05-27 Christophe Lincoln tazwok: set $kvers for kernel version
2011-05-24 Christopher Rogers tazwok.conf: Fixed typo.
2011-05-23 Christopher Rogers Added tag 4.2.16 for changeset a771874e05d6
2011-05-23 Christopher Rogers Change VERSION to
2011-05-23 Christopher Rogers Merge bug fixes from default branch.4.3
2011-05-23 Christopher Rogers tazwok.conf: Add run/udev to FSH.
2011-05-23 Christopher Rogers tazwok: Export $BUILD_SYSTEM and $HOST_SYSTEM.
2011-05-23 Christopher Rogers tazwok: Fixed making new receipts. Add $CONFIGURE_ARGS back in. Fixed gen-wok-db to build wok-depends.txt with just $WOK. This is in case there is nothing in packages.
2011-05-21 Christopher Rogers Fixed tazwok.conf to have tazwok cross compile right. Also using -Os to save on packages size.
2011-05-17 Christopher Rogers Added tag 4.2.15 for changeset 40ed5424dbfc
2011-05-17 Christopher Rogers Change VERSION to
2011-05-17 Christopher Rogers Merge bugfixes from default branch.4.3
2011-05-16 Christopher Rogers Updated tazwok.conf to use offical xorg mirror.
2011-05-14 Christopher Rogers Fixed python compiled files to be removed after files.list is made. Added perl_compiled_files_remove function to remove these files before files.list is made since these are only made when compiling.
2011-05-14 Christopher Rogers tazwok.conf: Added run to FSH. Removed slitaz-boot-scripts in SLITAZ_TOOLCHAIN_EXTRA. Fixed typo in README.tazbb.
2011-05-11 Christopher Rogers Add support for cvs url sources.
2011-05-11 Christopher Rogers Fixed tazwok check_for_tarball function to handle sources that have spaces in the folders name.
2011-05-10 Christopher Rogers Merge bugfixes from default branch.4.3
2011-05-10 Christopher Rogers Fixed last commit to not confict branch 4.3.
2011-05-10 Christopher Rogers Fixed $PACKAGES_REPOSITORY/blocked list to only added new broken packages.
2011-05-09 Christopher Rogers Revert last commit.
2011-05-09 Christopher Rogers Moved wok-depends.txt and wok-wanted.txt to $PACKAGES_RERPOSITORY.
2011-05-08 Christopher Rogers Add a check to see if $LOCAL_REPOSITORY/sandbox exist before softlinking the lockfile /proc/1 into $chroot_dir folder. This is so the soft link is not made for non-tank systems.
2011-05-08 Christopher Rogers Updated Makefile. Added tazbb for automating build bot for tank using host crond. Added README.tazbb.
2011-05-08 Christopher Rogers Translated everything in tazwok french docs to the english one.
2011-05-08 Christopher Rogers Added basic info on cook-commit into tazwok.en.html file.
2011-05-07 Christopher Rogers Added slitaz-boot-scripts to tazwok.conf $SLITAZ_TOOLCHAIN_EXTRA.
2011-05-06 Christopher Rogers Add english docs for update-wok and chroot.
2011-05-06 Christopher Rogers Add install var and some compatable to download function for it to when coreutils becomes the norm.
2011-05-06 Christopher Rogers Replace === breaks with horizontal_line function in libtaz commons. Saves over 1KB.
2011-05-04 Christopher Rogers Added tag 4.2.14 for changeset 1165e2c0ac23
2011-05-04 Christopher Rogers Change VERSION to
2011-05-04 Christopher Rogers Merge bugfix from branch default.4.3
2011-05-04 Christopher Rogers Remove .packlist file in packages now too.
2011-05-04 Christopher Rogers Fixed tazwok merge.4.3
2011-05-04 Christopher Rogers Merge bugfixes from branch default4.3
2011-05-04 Christopher Rogers Fixed path for some images in web/index.php.
2011-05-03 Christopher Rogers Tazwok now removes perllocal.pod from packages now. This file is in every perl package.
2011-04-30 Christopher Rogers tank-bot: Made sure if .hg folder existed in LOCAL_REPOSITORY/flavors. It now clones flavors based on SLITAZ_VERSION.