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2016-03-30 Pascal Bellard more filenames supportdefault tip
2016-03-30 Aleksej Bobylev Tiny edits
2013-03-13 Christopher Rogers initramfs: Add new linux-live scripts support.
2012-07-19 Christopher Rogers Update HG_LIST variable. Add NCPU varaible.
2012-07-19 Christopher Rogers initramfs: Update initramfs.list. Add changes need for init script to work.
2012-07-19 Christopher Rogers local-mirror: Update local-mirror script.
2012-04-24 Christopher Rogers initramfs: Update local-mirror script and lighttpd config files. Support new /lib/ script.
2012-03-04 Christopher Rogers Merge
2012-02-24 Christopher Rogers tank: Updated list files.
2012-03-01 Pascal Bellard slitaz-installer: use MD5 password

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