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slitaz-modular log

age author description
10 months ago Pascal Bellard more filenames supportdefault tip
10 months ago Aleksej Bobylev Tiny edits
2013-03-13 Christopher Rogers initramfs: Add new linux-live scripts support.
2012-07-19 Christopher Rogers Update HG_LIST variable. Add NCPU varaible.
2012-07-19 Christopher Rogers initramfs: Update initramfs.list. Add changes need for init script to work.
2012-07-19 Christopher Rogers local-mirror: Update local-mirror script.
2012-04-24 Christopher Rogers initramfs: Update local-mirror script and lighttpd config files. Support new /lib/ script.
2012-03-04 Christopher Rogers Merge
2012-02-24 Christopher Rogers tank: Updated list files.
2012-03-01 Pascal Bellard slitaz-installer: use MD5 password
2012-02-24 Christopher Rogers initramfs: Updated initramfs.list.
2012-02-24 Christopher Rogers initramfs: Updated init and linuxrc.
2012-01-24 Christopher Rogers tank/list: Add hostapd to a.003.server.list file. Removed ntfs-3g in a.001.core.list file.
2012-01-24 Christopher Rogers initramfs: Add fuse and ntfs-3g into initramfs.list file.
2012-01-24 Christopher Rogers Updated HG_LIST and MY_HG_LIST variable.
2012-01-24 Christopher Rogers initramfs/etc: Add piratebox.lan support.
2012-01-24 Christopher Rogers fake-website: Only echo building $WEB_ADDRESS site when folder doesn't exist.
2012-01-24 Christopher Rogers local-mirror: Add piratebox website support.
2012-01-12 Christopher Rogers initramfs: Add a custom version of slitaz-installer.
2012-01-12 Christopher Rogers local-mirror: Update
2012-01-12 Christopher Rogers Add DONT_UPDATE_MIRROR option so i don't have to update mirror files if i don't want to.
2011-12-24 Christopher Rogers initramfs: Fixed local-mirror. Add a echo to fake-website to tell what website is being build.
2011-12-24 Christopher Rogers initramfs: Remove fake websites awstats. fake-website script will make them now.
2011-12-24 Christopher Rogers local-mirror: Add fake-website script. This is used to make mirror websites with fake addresses work locally or with dnsmasq. Just start or restart lighttpd after using it.
2011-12-24 Christopher Rogers tank: Update packages lists.
2011-12-24 Christopher Rogers Make sure varibles made in backup_pkg and backup_src are local.
2011-12-18 Christopher Rogers local-mirror: Add man-html and linuxgazette support.
2011-12-18 Christopher Rogers Backup slitaz-vz repo now.
2011-11-18 Christopher Rogers local-mirror: Make sure $MAIN_WWW_DIR/pics/rrd exists.
2011-11-17 Christopher Rogers local-mirror: Copy /usr/bin/makegraphs to $MAIN_WWW_DIR/pics/makegraphs so home boot option will make disk and network graphs pics.
2011-11-16 Christopher Rogers initramfs: Add makegraphs script.
2011-11-16 Christopher Rogers local-mirror: Use makegraphs only once for mirror and tank graphs pages.
2011-11-15 Christopher Rogers tank: Add uget and lxterminal to a.006.apps package list.
2011-11-11 Christopher Rogers local-mirror: Copy tank files so makegraphs will work when home boot option is used.
2011-10-14 Christopher Rogers Use $INSTALLED and fixed blocking packages in backupall.banned list.
2011-10-14 Christopher Rogers local-mirror: Fixed
2011-09-16 Christopher Rogers tank: Add system-tools to a.001.core.list. Comment out xorg-xf86-input-vmware and xorg-xf86-input-vmmouse in a.004.xorg-extra.list.
2011-09-16 Christopher Rogers initramfs: Changed css to awstatscss in /etc/lighttpd/awstats.conf file. This is so local can use awstats without looking ugly.
2011-09-16 Christopher Rogers Removed wok-stable, wok, and slitaz-doc-wiki-data in HG_LIST. Add slitaz-doc-wiki-data to MY_HG_LIST.
2011-09-16 Christopher Rogers local-mirror: Fixed cook website to not build chroot if $PKGDIR folder doesn't exist. Made sure to sed out if there is no $PKGDIR folder. Add attic to local so you can see history of it.
2011-09-10 Christopher Rogers Add output and logs when making links for source dvd so there is some way to debug it.
2011-09-08 Christopher Rogers Add wok-stable to HG_LIST.
2011-09-08 Christopher Rogers tank: Addxchm to lists.
2011-09-08 Christopher Rogers initramfs: Add awstats files for keeping stats on more sites.
2011-09-02 Christopher Rogers local-mirror: Make soft link for slitaz-spider-48x48.png so awstats have icon working. Fixed awstats.conf. Add access and error logs for,, and
2011-08-27 Christopher Rogers initramfs: Update init script.
2011-08-27 Christopher Rogers local-mirror: Add support for more doc urls. New urls are:,,,, and
2011-08-27 Christopher Rogers Add tank profile. Made livecd part smaller for source dvd. One menu panel in tank profile.
2011-08-27 Christopher Rogers local-mirror: Update src links with on/start option. Fixed up mirror-info to have a soft link /var/www/mirror-info so path is right. Mirror-info builds graphics like tank does now.
2011-08-26 Christopher Rogers Backup patches used in PATCH variable now.
2011-08-13 Christopher Rogers initramfs: Removed tazbb. Don't need linux-udf now thats build in kernel image.
2011-08-13 Christopher Rogers Fixed logs to log everything when packages are installed.
2011-08-02 Christopher Rogers Fixed backup_src function to only backup sources to packages that are made. Updated to use new wanted.txt and fullco.txt files in repos.
2011-07-11 Christopher Rogers local-mirror: Make sure it uses $SLITAZ_DIR/$version/packages path instead of $PKGDIR path for mirror. This is so i can rebuild iso with new packages when rebuilding from scratch.
2011-07-11 Christopher Rogers Updated lighttpd configs.
2011-06-29 Christopher Rogers Replaced tazwok with my-cookutils scripts. Added better support for BACKUP_ALL option so it will only get the lastest packages and sources instead of just copying everything in packages and source folder.
2011-06-29 Christopher Rogers local-mirror: Fixed ssfs and added priority file so incoming repo packages will be used first.
2011-06-20 Christopher Rogers initramfs: Add support for
2011-06-18 Christopher Rogers Add $KBASEVER support.
2011-06-12 Christopher Rogers Update local-mirror script to support ssfs for local