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updated perl-berkeleydb (0.63 -> 0.64)
author Hans-G?nter Theisgen
date Fri Dec 31 13:39:16 2021 +0100 (11 months ago)
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Hans-G?nter@24181 1 BerkeleyDB is a module which allows Perl programs to make use of the
Hans-G?nter@24181 2 facilities provided by Berkeley DB version 2 or greater.
Hans-G?nter@24181 3 (Note: if you want to use version 1 of Berkeley DB with Perl you
Hans-G?nter@24181 4 need the DB_File module).
Hans-G?nter@24181 5
Hans-G?nter@24181 6 Berkeley DB is a C library which provides a consistent interface to a
Hans-G?nter@24181 7 number of database formats. BerkeleyDB provides an interface to all
Hans-G?nter@24181 8 four of the database types (hash, btree, queue and recno) currently
Hans-G?nter@24181 9 supported by Berkeley DB.