slitaz-configs log

age author description
15 months ago Pascal Bellard /etc/skel/.xinitrc: lxsession-lxpolkit-0.5.5 support (thanks Saipul)default tip
2020-11-07 anonymous ~/.Xdefaults: add xterm utf same as in /root, ~/.xinitrc: LOG=/dev/tty9, ob-menu/ : xcompmgr -a : Use automatic server-side compositing. Faster, but no special effects.
2020-09-12 Pascal Bellard shrink slitaz-background.jpg
2019-12-14 Pascal Bellard s/
2018-03-04 Pascal Bellard Update splash.jpg
2018-01-31 Aleksej Bobylev Update it.po (thanks Christian Michelini)
2018-01-30 Aleksej Bobylev Add Italian; make pot; make msgmerge; make clean
2017-10-09 Hans-G?nter Theisgen revision of german messages
2017-09-27 Aleksej Bobylev Make Openbox menu translated again.
2017-09-27 Pascal Bellard shrink splash.jpg & splash.xpm.gz
2017-09-25 Pascal Bellard shrink splash.jpg & splash.xpm.gz
2017-08-02 Hans-G?nter Theisgen german translation of index.en.html added to usr/share/webhome
2017-04-11 Aleksej Bobylev rootfs/etc/lxpanel/slitaz/panels/panel: add "xkb" applet by default
2017-03-26 Christophe Lincoln Added tag 5.6 for changeset 9b9c9f353af6
2017-03-26 Christophe Lincoln New Openbox theme with rounded corner, update SliTaz GTK theme5.6
2017-03-16 Paul Issott Update Makefile
2017-03-16 Paul Issott Add de.po (thanks HGT)
2017-02-14 Christophe Lincoln Rename grub spalsh image
2017-02-14 Christophe Lincoln Add /boot/grub/grub-splash.xpm.gz
2017-02-14 Christophe Lincoln Update grub splash image. Nedd to be gziped when packaging
2017-01-10 Aleksej Bobylev Update ob-menu/
2017-01-10 Aleksej Bobylev Add Japanese translations (thanks Keiichi Shiga)
2016-11-27 Aleksej Bobylev Webhome: add link to SliTaz Man Pages
2016-11-20 Aleksej Bobylev New place for bookmarks.
2016-11-14 Pascal Bellard Update po/fr.po
2016-11-12 Aleksej Bobylev Logout menu handling
2016-10-24 Leonardo Laporte fix and up CSS file and add new cover header background PNG
2016-10-24 Leonardo Laporte remove header background cover JPEG
2016-10-24 Leonardo Laporte remove slim background JPEG
2016-10-24 Leonardo Laporte up background slim jpeg to png
2016-09-24 Aleksej Bobylev Add "Desktop Preferences" (PCManFM) to the main Openbox menu
2016-09-17 Xander Ziiryanoff ~/.Xdefaults : remove xterm-256color(breaks some curses apps), utf8(hardcoded)
2016-05-30 Paul Issott Edit es,pt webhome
2016-05-29 Paul Issott Edit webhome
2016-05-28 Pascal Bellard Add avi 3gp & gif mime types
2016-05-28 Pascal Bellard Use tazbox-video as default video player
2016-05-27 Pascal Bellard network configuration panel: start tazpanel as root (using subox)
2016-05-26 Pascal Bellard webhome/ do the translation (again)
2016-05-24 Pascal Bellard webhome/ do the translation (again)
2016-05-24 Pascal Bellard webhome/ do the translation
2016-05-24 Pascal Bellard network configuration panel: start tazpanel as root
2016-05-12 Xander Ziiryanoff usr/share/webhome/app/design/img : ln -s ../../../../slim/themes/slitaz/background.jpg cover.jpg
2016-04-21 Aleksej Bobylev /etc/skel/.profile: define XDG user variables
2016-03-30 Aleksej Bobylev Tiny edits
2016-03-28 Leonardo Laporte Add: Small templates for users.
2016-03-11 Aleksej Bobylev tazvolume: move id-file from /var/run to /tmp
2016-03-11 Aleksej Bobylev Add tazvolume
2016-02-24 Pascal Bellard Recompress PNG files with zopflipng
2016-02-19 Xander Ziiryanoff ob-menu/ : add tazx link, update "Autostart" & "Openbox Menu" items
2016-01-03 Pascal Bellard Update links
2016-01-01 Pascal Bellard /boot/grub has moved to wok/grub
2015-12-30 Pascal Bellard shrink isolinux/splash.jpg
2015-12-21 Aleksej Bobylev Update webhome (completely authored by Leonardo Laporte); translate to Russian
2015-11-09 Aleksej Bobylev LXPanel look: background, menu button, battery colors, logout button with current user name
2015-11-08 Pascal Bellard webhome/ tiny edit
2015-11-07 Aleksej Bobylev SliTaz GTK themes: comment out unsupported options. Webhome: return the "hand" cursor on "More..." link. Change default theming configs
2015-10-30 Aleksej Bobylev Add Openbox key bindings: Mute, Vol+, Vol-, Alt+PrtScr for screenshot, Power button
2015-10-09 Aleksej Bobylev webhome: more SliTaz Network links
2015-10-01 Christophe Lincoln Add mate/kde to /etc/skel/.xinitrc
2015-09-17 Leonardo Laporte Update wallpaper to new style