wok log lxqt-common/receipt

age author description
2018-05-20 Pascal Bellard Up tazlito (501)
2015-12-20 Pascal Bellard Quote root dir in post_install
2015-05-29 Eric Joseph-Alexandre lxqt-common: Add lxqt in slim.conf
2015-01-08 Aleksej Bobylev Normalize tags "file-manager", "web-browser", "text-editor", "terminal", and "window-manager" according to tazx.
2014-10-18 Xander Ziiryanoff Up lxqt-*(0.8.0) lximage-qt (0.3.0)
2014-07-12 Aleksej Bobylev Add LXQt (now in beta state, need to review most of packages).