wok log hexchat/receipt

age author description
24 months ago Pascal Bellard Update some WEB_SITE
2017-09-27 Erkan Yilmaz revert hexchat: does not work with 2.12.4 version like that
2017-09-27 Erkan Yilmaz as requested in forum: http://forum.slitaz.org/topic/request-for-hexchat
2015-02-08 Alexander Medvedev Fix: some less hexchat depends
2015-02-07 Alexander Medvedev Up: hexchat 2.10.2
2015-02-02 Pascal Bellard hexchat: update deps (bug 129 fix)
2015-01-19 Richard Dunbar xchat,hexchat: enable ssl
2014-07-13 Aleksej Bobylev Strip deps: gettext -> gettext-base.
2014-03-30 Pascal Bellard hexchat: update compile_rules
2014-03-30 Alexander Medvedev Add: hexchat ( Suggest removing XChat