wok log ndiswrapper-utils/receipt

age author description
18 months ago Hans-G?nter Theisgen updated ndiswrapper packages (1.61 -> 1.62)
22 months ago Pascal Bellard Update some WEB_SITE
2018-08-06 Pascal Bellard Fix wanted versions
2013-11-30 Pascal Bellard Up ndiswrapper (1.59)
2013-11-30 Pascal Bellard Add some licenses
2012-04-17 Pascal Bellard Up ndiswrapper (1.57)
2011-03-02 Christopher Rogers Removed all TARBALL, SRC_WANTED, and some BUILD_DEPENDS in wanted receipts. There not needed to be update.
2011-02-20 Christopher Rogers Removed src= lines. Not need now with tazwok-experimental.
2010-04-19 Christophe Lincoln Up: ndiswrapper (1.56)
2009-11-05 Rohit Joshi Up: ndiswrapper-driver, utils;fix WGET_URL
2009-05-13 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Up: ndiswrapper-util (1.54)
2008-12-14 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Add: ndiswrapper-driver, end of split.
2008-12-05 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Add: ndiswrapper-utils .