wok log libnl-dev/receipt

age author description
2017-02-21 Pascal Bellard some *-dev depend on pkg-config
2014-07-06 Pascal Bellard Up libnl (3.2.24)
2014-04-16 Christophe Lincoln UP: hostapd (2.1), fix libnl missing pkgconfig file and add to ARM with rfkill
2014-03-08 Christophe Lincoln Add to ARM: libnl, wpa_supplicant, wput
2014-02-12 Christophe Lincoln libnl: remove devel files (save space on ISO)
2013-06-11 Pascal Bellard lib[a-n]*: add LICENSE
2012-10-08 Pascal Bellard Up libnl (3.2.13)
2011-03-02 Christopher Rogers Removed all TARBALL, SRC_WANTED, and some BUILD_DEPENDS in wanted receipts. There not needed to be update.
2008-07-19 Pascal Bellard Add iw, libnl, libnl-dev