wok log fltk-dev/receipt

age author description
2016-10-14 Pascal Bellard Up fltk (1.3.3)
2014-04-13 Christophe Lincoln ARM: add fltk with fltk-editor and fltk-sudoku
2014-03-16 Christophe Lincoln Some fixes, up ffplay, add more pkgs to ARM
2013-08-10 Pascal Bellard Add some LGPL2 licenses
2011-11-07 Alexander Medvedev Up: fltk (1.3.0) and dillo (3.0.1)
2010-10-07 Christopher Rogers Up: fltk, fltk-dev, fltk-doc to 1.1.10. I removed one of the patches since its not need anymore. Added --enable-threads so cinepaint can build.
2008-10-05 Pascal Bellard Up fltk (1.1.9)
2008-04-21 Christophe Lincoln Add: fltk (Fast Light Tool Kit)