wok log cairo/receipt

age author description
2016-06-29 Aleksej Bobylev Split "cairo-tools" from "cairo"; split "cairo-gl-tools" from "cairo-gl"; check dependencies.
2015-11-06 Xander Ziiryanoff Up dia (0.97.3), cairo (1.14.4)
2015-03-28 Xander Ziiryanoff expat: broken symlink, cairo: up (1.14.2)
2015-03-28 Xander Ziiryanoff ncurses-common: restore file names, fixes alsamixer+vte F-keys, cairo:
2015-02-07 Alexander Medvedev Up: cairo 1.14.0
2015-02-07 Alexander Medvedev Fix: cairo 1.12.18
2015-02-07 Alexander Medvedev Up: cairo 1.14.0
2014-10-10 Xander Ziiryanoff cairo: fix invisible font in libwebkit (gtk)
2014-07-13 Yuri Pourre Up cairo cairo-dev cairo-gl cairo-gl-dev (1.12.10)
2014-03-15 Christophe Lincoln ARM: add cairo giblib gperf
2013-08-11 Pascal Bellard cairo: update bdeps
2013-08-11 Pascal Bellard Add some licenses
2012-07-30 Christopher Rogers Up: cairo to 1.12.2.
2012-04-27 Christophe Lincoln cairo: needs also pixman
2012-04-27 Christophe Lincoln cairo: update bdeps
2012-01-02 Antoine Bodin Replace all '-j 4' occurences by ''
2011-03-25 Christopher Rogers Fix firefox. Added mesa-dev a build depends. Doesn't need mesa in depends.
2011-03-22 Christopher Rogers Up: cairo to 1.10.2.
2011-03-02 Christopher Rogers Updated avidemux, xorg-xrdb, cairo, and weechat depends.
2010-10-10 Christopher Rogers Up: cairo to 1.10.0.
2010-09-16 Christopher Rogers Added xorg-dev, freetype-dev, and expat-dev to cairo build_depends.
2010-04-25 Christophe Lincoln Up: cairo (1.8.10) --enable-xcb by default
2009-12-24 Christophe Lincoln Up: cairo (1.8.8)
2009-05-13 Christophe Lincoln Up: cairo (1.8.6)
2009-04-26 Pascal Bellard Add cairo-xcb
2009-04-26 Pascal Bellard cairo: update depends/build_depends
2009-04-22 Mallory MOLLO Up: cairo (enable xcb support)
2009-04-22 Mallory MOLLO Revert: cairo, firefox, xorg-xproto, zip
2009-04-22 Mallory MOLLO Add: libev
2009-03-15 Pascal Bellard c*: update depends
2009-01-14 Christophe Lincoln cairo: back to 1.8.4 or pango/gtk+ will not build
2009-01-13 Fabrice THIROUX Up: cairo (1.8.6)
2009-01-08 Christophe Lincoln Up: cairo (1.8.4)
2008-10-06 Pascal Bellard Update some BUILD_DEPENDS
2008-07-15 Christophe Lincoln gtk+ depends on cairo
2008-05-18 Christophe Lincoln Up: cairo (1.6.4)
2007-12-18 Christophe Lincoln Add : GTK+ with libs (atk, glib, etc)