wok log pcmanfm-legacy/receipt

age author description
2018-05-20 Pascal Bellard Up tazlito (501)
2016-03-12 Pascal Bellard pcmanfm-legacy: race condition
2015-02-17 Pascal Bellard Add missing -ltinfo
2015-01-08 Aleksej Bobylev Normalize tags "file-manager", "web-browser", "text-editor", "terminal", and "window-manager" according to tazx.
2013-12-08 Pascal Bellard pcmanfm-legacy: fix genpkg_rules
2013-08-10 Pascal Bellard Add some GPL2 licenses
2012-09-08 Pascal Bellard pcmanfm: fix PACKAGE
2012-09-07 Christophe Lincoln pcmanfm 1.0 is default and old 0.5 serie is pcmanfm-legacy