wok log enlightenment/receipt

age author description
2018-05-20 Pascal Bellard Up tazlito (501)
2015-12-20 Pascal Bellard Quote root dir in post_install
2015-01-08 Aleksej Bobylev Normalize tags "file-manager", "web-browser", "text-editor", "terminal", and "window-manager" according to tazx.
2014-05-23 Aleksej Bobylev Fix /usr/share/locale/LC_MESSAGES/
2014-03-30 Christophe Lincoln ARM: e17 still need more bdeps
2014-03-30 Christophe Lincoln e17 and enna: missing bdeps
2014-03-29 Christophe Lincoln ARM: add enna media player
2014-03-26 Christophe Lincoln ARM: add enlightenment
2013-11-05 Dominique Corbex Up: enlightenment (0.17.5)
2013-08-10 Pascal Bellard enlightenment: add license
2013-08-08 Dominique Corbex Up: enlightenment (0.17.4)
2013-06-06 Dominique Corbex enlightenment: Up to 0.17.3
2013-04-23 Dominique Corbex enlightenment: update deps+bdeps
2013-04-12 Dominique Corbex Up: enlightenment (
2013-04-08 Dominique Corbex enlightenment: fix slim.conf
2013-04-07 Dominique Corbex Up: enlightenment (0.17.1)
2012-11-16 Christophe Lincoln enlightenment: fix typo
2012-11-16 Christophe Lincoln Up: enlightenment (0.17.0-alpha2)
2011-05-26 Christophe Lincoln enlightenment: make sure we dont use connman and bluez
2011-05-26 Christophe Lincoln enlightenment and libs: huge clean to bdeps and make it build
2011-05-25 Pascal Bellard enlightenment: update bdeps
2011-05-25 Christophe Lincoln enlightenment: add bdeps, hope it build
2011-05-22 Christopher Rogers enlightenment: Add $CONFIGURE_ARGS.
2011-02-12 Antoine Bodin Update e17 stuff to last version
2010-07-11 Pascal Bellard Speedup some builds
2010-05-04 Pascal Bellard Up bind (9.7.0-P1)
2010-03-02 Pascal Bellard [a-f]*: update depends
2010-02-28 Pascal Bellard [d-e]*: update depends
2010-02-16 Rohit Joshi add/improve TAGS e* receipts
2010-01-10 Christophe Lincoln Up: enlightenment to the last snapshot (2009-12-02)
2009-09-17 Christophe Lincoln Up: enlightenment (snapshot 062) + eet (1.2.2)
2009-05-17 Pascal Bellard enlightenment: update build_depends
2009-05-08 Pascal Bellard ecore: fix compile_rules (again)
2009-05-06 Christophe Lincoln Up: enlightenment wm, tools and lib to the last snapshot or svn
2009-04-10 Pascal Bellard Add enlightenment-pam, unPAMize enlightenment
2009-03-16 Pascal Bellard enlightenment: update build_depends
2009-03-15 Pascal Bellard e*: update depends
2009-01-08 Christophe Lincoln Up: enlightenment (0.16.999.050) - Snapshot 2008-09-25
2008-09-23 Mallory MOLLO enlightenement: typo
2008-05-18 Christophe Lincoln e17: missing deps on libcrypto and openssl
2008-05-17 Christophe Lincoln e17: want build without curl, so curl is in deps now
2008-02-15 Christophe Lincoln Fix deps for e17 (thanks Erjo)
2008-02-07 Christophe Lincoln Add slitaz-menus in deps for Enlightenment
2008-01-28 Christophe Lincoln Modified e17 config file
2008-01-28 Christophe Lincoln UP : e17 and deps (snapshots 2008-01-25)
2008-01-16 Christophe Lincoln Add e17 packages