wok log fluxbox/receipt

age author description
2015-12-20 Pascal Bellard Quote root dir in post_install
2015-08-29 Xander Ziiryanoff Up fluxbox (1.3.7)
2015-01-08 Aleksej Bobylev Normalize tags "file-manager", "web-browser", "text-editor", "terminal", and "window-manager" according to tazx.
2013-12-03 Pascal Bellard Add some licenses
2013-08-15 Pascal Bellard Up fluxbox (1.3.5)
2012-04-25 Christophe Lincoln fluxbox: small fixes
2012-04-23 Christophe Lincoln fluxbox: better SliTaz integration, use XDG xsessions
2012-02-28 Christophe Lincoln fluxbox: Improve package integration
2011-05-08 Christopher Rogers Replaced all ../stuff with $stuff.
2011-03-01 Christopher Rogers Update ddd, fltk, fltk-2.0.x, and fluxbox depends.
2011-02-28 Christopher Rogers Up: fluxbox to 1.3.1.
2011-02-20 Christopher Rogers Up: fluxbox to 1.3.0.
2010-09-16 Christopher Rogers Up: fluxbox to 1.1.1.
2010-02-28 Pascal Bellard [f-g]*: update depends
2009-06-12 Christophe Lincoln fluxbox: remove dep on libiconv + add TAGS
2009-05-18 Mallory MOLLO Fluxbox: add entry into Slim sessions
2009-05-02 Pascal Bellard fluxbox: update depends
2009-05-02 Mallory MOLLO Fluxbox: fix receipt : DEPENDS - BUILD_DEPENDS
2009-05-02 Mallory MOLLO Add: fluxbox window manager