wok log emotion/receipt

age author description
2018-08-07 Pascal Bellard Update some web_site to https
2014-03-29 Christophe Lincoln ARM: improve slitaz-configs*
2014-03-29 Christophe Lincoln ARM: add Openbox and some fix edje/emotion
2014-03-26 Christophe Lincoln ARM: add enlightenment
2013-11-05 Dominique Corbex Up: emotion (1.7.9)
2013-08-10 Pascal Bellard enlightenment: add license
2013-08-08 Dominique Corbex Up: emotion (1.7.8)
2013-06-06 Dominique Corbex emotion: Up to 1.7.7
2013-04-23 Dominique Corbex emotion: update deps+bdeps
2013-04-12 Pascal Bellard emotion: no /usr/bin
2013-04-12 Dominique Corbex Up: efl (1.7.6)
2013-04-07 Dominique Corbex Up: emotion (1.7.5)
2012-11-16 Christophe Lincoln Up: emotion (1.7.1)
2012-07-09 Pascal Bellard emotion: update bdeps
2012-05-31 Pascal Bellard emotion: update bdeps
2012-05-30 Pascal Bellard libglade: update bdeps
2011-05-26 Christophe Lincoln enlightenment and libs: huge clean to bdeps and make it build
2011-05-13 Christophe Lincoln fcgi: fix $stuff
2011-02-14 Antoine Bodin Up: emotion to 55225
2011-02-13 Antoine Bodin imported patch get/emotion
2010-05-14 Pascal Bellard emotion, esmart, ewl, ffmpeg-svn, hubbub, libffcall, libnsgif, libparserutils, libsmpeg, mplayer-svn, rage, v4l-dvb: do not cache empty tarball
2010-05-14 Pascal Bellard emotion, esmart, ewl, ffmpeg-svn: cache svn fetched files in SOURCES_REPOSITORY
2010-03-02 Pascal Bellard [a-f]*: update depends
2010-02-28 Pascal Bellard [d-e]*: update depends
2010-02-22 Rohit Joshi Fix enna issue 238 on lab(thanks ivan)
2009-09-24 Christophe Lincoln Up: emotion (rev 42672) fix *DEPENDS
2009-05-06 Christophe Lincoln Up: enlightenment wm, tools and lib to the last snapshot or svn
2009-03-15 Pascal Bellard e*: update depends
2008-02-25 Christophe Lincoln Put new pkgs in the right category
2008-02-24 Christophe Lincoln Add a few pkg to complete e17