wok log connman-ui/receipt

age author description
2014-04-10 Pascal Bellard connman-ui: set a meaningful name to the source for mirror:/source/packages-cooking/
2014-04-10 Alexander Medvedev Up: connman-ui url (actualy we can download zip archive for specific commit)
2014-04-10 Pascal Bellard connman-ui, kqoauth, qxmpp, ympd: fix version
2013-12-26 Pascal Bellard Move from undigest: bullet bullet-dev connman-ui cplay dconf dconf-dev dfc dnstop efl efl-dev evolution-data-server evolution-data-server-dev goaccess granite granite-dev granite-demo l3afpad ldm linmodem-hsfmodem marlin marlin-dev miniupnpd