wok log rox-filer/receipt

age author description
2015-01-08 Aleksej Bobylev Normalize tags "file-manager", "web-browser", "text-editor", "terminal", and "window-manager" according to tazx.
2013-12-05 Pascal Bellard Add some licenses
2013-08-14 Pascal Bellard Add some LDFLAGS
2011-12-19 Antoine Bodin rox-filer: add xorg-libSM to build_depends
2011-05-23 Christophe Lincoln rox-filer: fix bdeps...
2011-05-23 Christophe Lincoln rox-filer: fix stuff parh
2011-05-23 Christophe Lincoln rox-filer: dont be stuck when compileling
2011-05-10 Christophe Lincoln rox-filer: clean-up receipt
2010-02-24 Rohit Joshi add/improve TAGS r* receipts
2009-03-16 Pascal Bellard r*: update depends
2009-03-13 Pascal Bellard rox-filer: update build-depends
2009-03-13 Pascal Bellard rox-filer, rssyl, rtorrent, ruby: update depends
2008-10-12 Pascal Bellard Apply patchs once for bash cromfs cyrus-imapd jwm lsdvd mISDNuser module-init-tools qemu rox-filer xpat2
2008-07-24 Pascal Bellard Fix post_install for subdir install
2008-07-06 Pierre-Jean Fichet receipt for the rox-filer