wok log grub/receipt

age author description
2018-03-01 Pascal Bellard grub: add ext4 patch
2017-02-14 Pascal Bellard Mv grub/stuff/splash.xpm.gz to slitaz-configs to have a splash image on HD install (again)
2015-12-29 Pascal Bellard grub: add splash.xpm.gz from slitaz-configs-base
2013-08-13 Pascal Bellard grub: fix genpkg_rules
2012-04-09 Pascal Bellard grub: asmstub.c does not support gcc >= 4.5
2011-05-08 Christopher Rogers Replaced all ../stuff with $stuff.
2011-04-04 Antoine Bodin Remove some uneeded strips (thoses ones are handled by Tazwok)
2010-07-20 Pascal Bellard grub: remove ncurses
2009-04-10 Pascal Bellard grub: fix 256 bytes/inodes ext3
2009-03-15 Pascal Bellard gn*-gsasl: update depends
2008-10-23 Pascal Bellard grub: add CONFIG_FILES
2008-02-13 Christophe Lincoln Most categorie are OK... (no more extra)
2008-02-02 Christophe Lincoln Removed cat base-apps and dispatch pkgs
2007-12-18 Christophe Lincoln Add : gettex, grub, mercurial + stuff