wok log libQtScriptTools/receipt

age author description
2014-07-16 Xander Ziiryanoff rePackaging main of "wanted" on Qt4. (s/4.8.4/4.8.6)
2013-09-14 Pascal Bellard Add some licenses
2013-02-11 ernia qt4 up to 4.8.4 - fixed some qt4 dependent package which does not build, upgrading only if necessary, tested razorqt and some apps, all seems to work
2011-05-20 Christopher Rogers Up: qt4 to 4.7.3. This adds sercurity fixes in this release. Add libQtPlugins so you don't need to install Qt4-dev to run mixxx.
2011-03-08 Christopher Rogers Added libQtScriptTools. This is needed to compile mscore.