wok log apache/receipt

age author description
2016-07-05 Aleksej Bobylev Check manpages... from start to beaver.
2016-07-04 Aleksej Bobylev Compress manpages.
2016-05-23 Pascal Bellard web server: stop running server in pre_install
2016-03-09 Pascal Bellard apache: remove /etc/apache/ssl/httpd-ssl.conf symlink
2016-03-09 Pascal Bellard apache: add /etc/apache/ssl/httpd-ssl.conf symlink (again)
2016-03-09 Pascal Bellard apache: add /etc/apache/ssl/httpd-ssl.conf symlink (again)
2016-03-09 Pascal Bellard apache: add /etc/apache/ssl/httpd-ssl.conf symlink
2016-02-13 Pascal Bellard Update apache post_install
2015-12-20 Pascal Bellard Quote root dir in post_install
2015-12-16 Pascal Bellard apache, lighttpd: fix post_install
2015-12-04 Aleksej Bobylev Change messaging in {pre|post}_{install|remove}(): wget and a* packages
2015-11-13 Pascal Bellard apache, lighttpd: do not stop the running web server
2015-11-12 Pascal Bellard apache: disable SSLSessionCache
2015-08-06 Pascal Bellard Up subversion (1.9.0), apache (2.4.16)
2014-10-18 Pascal Bellard postfix, apache lighttpd-ssl, nginx: CVE-2014-3566
2014-07-09 Pascal Bellard busybox/dpkg_deb: add xz support
2013-10-15 Pascal Bellard apache: load ssl_module (thanks Justine Leon Uro)
2013-10-03 Pascal Bellard apache: keep httpd name
2013-10-02 Pascal Bellard tuxmath: add -lt4k_common
2013-07-17 Eric Joseph-Alexandre (Up: Apache (2.4.4)
2013-06-30 Pascal Bellard Add some TAZPANEL_DAEMON
2012-06-26 Christopher Rogers apache: Clean up.
2012-04-23 Christophe Lincoln Rename linux-util-ng to util-linux in all packages
2012-03-26 Pascal Bellard apache: update bdeps
2012-03-26 Pascal Bellard apache: add default value for certificate
2012-02-11 Pascal Bellard Up apache (2.2.22, security fixes)
2012-01-02 Antoine Bodin Replace all '-j 4' occurences by ''
2011-11-02 Pascal Bellard apache: do not override certificate
2011-09-13 Christopher Rogers Up: apache to 2.2.21.(Security Fix)
2011-08-31 Pascal Bellard Up apache (Security fix: range DOS)
2011-08-26 Pascal Bellard apache: add range-CVE-2011-3192 fix
2011-05-22 Christopher Rogers Up: apache to 2.2.19. Security fix.
2011-05-15 Christopher Rogers Up: apache to 2.2.18.
2011-05-07 Christopher Rogers Fixed bugs from last commit.
2011-05-07 Christophe Lincoln a*, b*, c*: starte with a tiny sed in the wok for stuff/ --> $/stuff
2010-10-19 Christopher Rogers Up: apache to 2.2.17.
2010-09-09 Christopher Rogers Up: apache, apache-dev, apache-doc to 2.2.16.
2010-07-11 Pascal Bellard Speedup some builds
2010-04-28 Christopher Rogers Fixed: apache by adding sed to build depends. libtool uses /usr/bin/sed.
2010-02-16 Rohit Joshi add TAGS a* receipts
2009-12-26 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Up: apache* (2.2.14)
2009-09-19 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Up: Apache* (2.2.13) + init script in slitaz style
2009-09-09 Christophe Lincoln Removed libuuid and update DEPENDS for all afected pkgs
2009-08-10 Pascal Bellard Apache: ensure pidfile is valid
2009-04-23 Pascal Bellard Apache: do not load some modules twice
2009-03-16 Pascal Bellard Up apache (2.2.11)
2009-03-15 Pascal Bellard a*: update depends
2008-12-23 Pascal Bellard Apache: reconfigure web applications
2008-12-21 Pascal Bellard apache,lighttpd*: update CONFIG_FILES
2008-12-21 Pascal Bellard apache,lighttpd*: ensure only one web server is running
2008-11-30 Pascal Bellard Apache: update ssl config
2008-11-30 Pascal Bellard Apache: add modules proxy & ssl
2008-11-08 Pascal Bellard Apache: may update /etc/hosts
2008-10-15 Pascal Bellard Apache: may replace lighttpd
2008-08-27 Pascal Bellard Add apache