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author Pascal Bellard <pascal.bellard@slitaz.org>
date Tue Feb 26 08:20:18 2019 +0100 (17 months ago)
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al@19013 1 Paper is a modern desktop theme suite. Its design is mostly flat with a minimal
al@19013 2 use of shadows for depth.
al@19013 3
al@19013 4 Paper has been developed primarily with modern GTK3 (GNOME-based) desktop
al@19013 5 environments in mind, legacy-toolkit and GTK2 environments will not provide an
al@19013 6 ideal experience, as much of the visual design relies on modern GTK3+ widgets.
al@19013 7
al@19013 8 Paper is distributed under the terms the GNU General Public License
al@19013 9 (GNU GPL v.3).