tazpanel log index.cgi

age author description
2014-01-03 Christophe Lincoln (c) --> 2014 and update AUTHORS file1.7
2013-07-01 Pascal Bellard Undo eval_gettext typos
2013-07-01 Pascal Bellard boot logs submenus
2013-07-01 Pascal Bellard index.cgi: typos
2013-06-29 Pascal Bellard Add TAZPANEL_DAEMON support
2013-02-02 Pascal Bellard hardware.cgi: display UUID
2013-01-24 Aleksej Bobylev Rude fix '%0' bug in file editor (still FIXME: editor combines several spaces into one)
2012-06-23 Aleksej Bobylev Add some graphics from Tango project for helpers messages and arrows; libtazpanel: add msg() function for message boxes (tip|warn|err|up); add is_installed function to determine if we need show helper msg or not; index & settings: add a pair of helpers; installer: add arrows on buttons.
2012-05-17 Aleksej Bobylev add visual sections to pages
2012-05-17 Aleksej Bobylev change 'zebra' table styles to use in scrollable tables
2012-05-04 Aleksej Bobylev 3 weeks forging ;) Some bugs fixed, maybe all i18n improved (please, recheck 'po's!), couple of new features added... Enjoy!1.5.5
2012-04-11 Aleksej Bobylev translatable header, footer & titles; make pot
2012-03-09 naitsirhc added gettext to refresh
2012-03-09 naitsirhc added refresh buttons to tazpanel process top
2012-03-09 naitsirhc temporary fix for editing files
2011-08-30 Pascal Bellard index.cgi: hide diff tmp directory
2011-08-30 Pascal Bellard index.cgi: add diff button
2011-06-11 Paul Issott Tiny edits
2011-06-10 Christophe Lincoln small fix to gettext and up pot+po
2011-06-10 Christophe Lincoln Add cat support in terminal and fix log file path
2011-06-10 Christophe Lincoln Add a small terminal emulator (wih wget support to upload file on remote machine)
2011-06-10 Christophe Lincoln Small fix to df output
2011-04-22 Pascal Bellard index.cgi: add status colors in report
2011-04-22 Pascal Bellard index.cgi: add filesystem info & boot log in report
2011-04-21 Christophe Lincoln Add report creation (to help debbuging)
2011-04-18 Paul Issott Tiny edits
2011-04-18 Christophe Lincoln index.cgi: Forgot title and move top button on top..
2011-04-18 Christophe Lincoln hardware.cgi and index.cgi better output of df and prepare for disk management
2011-04-18 Christophe Lincoln hardware.cgi: add free with colors and also add colors to top
2011-04-17 Pascal Bellard index.cgi: add top button
2011-04-15 Paul Issott Tiny edits
2011-04-15 Christophe Lincoln Move config file to data/, improve panel activity with syntax_highliter and move diff colors to CSS
2011-04-15 Christophe Lincoln Add some doc/help, use a BSD License and add COPYING file
2011-04-15 Christophe Lincoln Move to settings.cgi and improve Panel configuration
2011-04-15 Christophe Lincoln Add a tux icon and remove all call to gettext in *.cgi since we zse the same text domain and it is sourced/exported in libtazpanel
2011-04-14 Pascal Bellard index.cgi: use $SCRIPT_NAME
2011-04-14 Pascal Bellard index.cgi: fix images path
2011-04-14 Pascal Bellard pkgs.cgi: add all category
2011-04-14 Pascal Bellard index.cgi: add diff button
2011-04-14 Pascal Bellard index.cgi: add edit button
2011-04-13 Pascal Bellard Use httpd_helper parser (GET)
2011-04-12 Christophe Lincoln Show Panel activity and log a few more things to test (we need date in log() and reverse output on main page)
2011-04-12 Christophe Lincoln Add SHell script colored sytax as seen in boot for /etc/init.d/local.sh
2011-04-12 Christophe Lincoln move syntax_highlighter to libtazpanel to be used in other case than file and put colors in CSS so it themeable
2011-04-12 Christophe Lincoln Debug improve behavor and start module search
2011-04-12 Christophe Lincoln remove debug_info and put code in header
2011-04-11 Paul Issott Tiny edits
2011-04-11 Christophe Lincoln index.cgi: Add some colors to config file
2011-04-10 Christophe Lincoln Add a file view CASE so we can displa any file on the system (ex at boot.cgi with rcS.conf)
2011-04-10 Christophe Lincoln debug: add HTTP environment
2011-04-10 Christophe Lincoln Chang default port (82) to be shorter and improve panel settings section
2011-04-10 Christophe Lincoln Add a debug page and a QUERY_STRING parser so we can use names CASE WANT VAR_1 VAR_2
2011-04-10 Paul Issott Tiny edits and make pot
2011-04-09 Christophe Lincoln Update all page with latest functions such as debug, bunch of fixes and adding support for deamons
2011-04-08 Christophe Lincoln Add hardware.cgi, tiny fix in pkgs.cgi and add a TODO list
2011-04-07 Christophe Lincoln hardeare: display kernel module and link to modinfo
2011-04-07 Christophe Lincoln Add settings.cgi and split user config from index.cgi, add need CSS stuff and up POT
2011-04-06 Christophe Lincoln Move network shared function (used by summary) to libtazpanel and include libtazpanel in POT file
2011-04-06 Christophe Lincoln Fix TEXTDOMAIN for *.cgi
2011-04-05 Christophe Lincoln Show README in doc for now and small fix to style path