tazlito log

age author description
2008-04-13 Pascal Bellard typo (again)
2008-04-12 Pascal Bellard typo
2008-04-12 Pascal Bellard Link duplicates files
2008-03-20 Pascal Bellard misc small fix
2008-03-13 Pascal Bellard Added tag 1.6 for changeset 27b81776952d
2008-03-13 Pascal Bellard prepa for release 1.61.6
2008-03-10 Christophe Lincoln Creat md5sum for the ISO image
2008-03-10 Pascal Bellard Avoid wrong md5 of ... md5sum
2008-03-10 Pascal Bellard Add md5sum file to iso
2008-03-09 Pascal Bellard fix extract hooks
2008-03-08 Christophe Lincoln We need a mirror url to just boot LiveCD and get and gen flavor.
2008-03-08 Pascal Bellard Use slitaz-loram* hooks
2008-03-08 Pascal Bellard Slitaz-loram 1.2 support
2008-03-05 Pascal Bellard Added tag 1.5 for changeset 68914b29adfb
2008-03-05 Pascal Bellard prepa for release 1.51.5
2008-02-22 Pascal Bellard Typo: $sqfs= -> sqfs=
2008-02-22 Pascal Bellard Slitaz-loram-cdrom support
2008-02-21 Pascal Bellard Typo in moved files loop
2008-02-21 Pascal Bellard Extract moved directories from squashfs too
2008-02-20 Pascal Bellard Really remove .moved subdir
2008-02-20 Pascal Bellard Typo in squashfs/moved find
2008-02-20 Pascal Bellard Squashfs'd /usr support
2008-02-16 Pascal Bellard Add final hook
2008-02-16 Christophe Lincoln Typo in README file
2008-02-16 Christophe Lincoln Sed isolinux.msg date, nice gen-flavor output, addhacher files
2008-02-14 Pascal Bellard Uncompressed rootfs support
2008-01-16 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Putting message in the right place when copyinog syslinux,extlinux and GRUB files
2008-01-14 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Adding some messages when copying
2008-01-14 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Adding copy of syslinux, Grub and extlinux in extract-distro
2008-01-13 Christophe Lincoln Back to default LZMA compression
2008-01-06 Christophe Lincoln Added tag 1.4 for changeset 6e2e297649db
2008-01-06 Christophe Lincoln Set (c) 2008 and prepa for release 1.41.4
2008-01-06 Christophe Lincoln Improved screen output for list-flavors
2008-01-01 Pascal Bellard Increase lzma compression (2-3%)
2007-12-30 Christophe Lincoln Fixed burn-iso image.iso (burn specified ISO file)
2007-12-24 Pascal Bellard Changed version string for release 1.3
2007-12-24 Pascal Bellard Added tag 1.3 for changeset 8c53c4a8db66
2007-12-21 Pascal Bellard Add flavor support1.3
2007-12-17 Pascal Bellard Allow to use gzip via config file
2007-12-17 Pascal Bellard Fixes --iso= (gen-distro) and kernel copy (extract-distro)
2007-12-16 Pascal Bellard pave the road to flavors. May use cdrom to repack packages such as [sys]linux
2007-12-14 Pascal Bellard pave the road to flavors. Can find packages with 'tazpkg --repack'
2007-12-14 Pascal Bellard pave the road to flavors. Use 'tazpkg install --root='
2007-12-14 Pascal Bellard Extract both kernel links
2007-12-12 Christophe Lincoln Modified manual (tazlito is out of slitaz-tools)
2007-12-11 Pascal Bellard pave the road to flavors. Use rootfs.gz name with both gzip and lzma compression
2007-12-11 Pascal Bellard pave the road to flavors. Handle package provided hooks during gen-distro
2007-12-11 Pascal Bellard pave the road to flavors. Download packages support
2007-12-11 Pascal Bellard pave the road to flavors. Misc fixes: lzma, typos
2007-12-04 Christophe Lincoln Added tag 1.2 for changeset 8f27e43358c0
2007-12-04 Christophe Lincoln Changed version string for release 1.21.2
2007-12-03 Christophe Lincoln Add support for 'addgroup hacker audio' + fixe clean-distro
2007-12-01 Christophe Lincoln Support for generating/using lzma initramfs
2007-12-01 Christophe Lincoln Add file AUTHORS and COPYING
2007-12-01 Christophe Lincoln Add the GNU general public license v3
2007-12-01 Christophe Lincoln Add a Makefile and modified tazlito config path
2007-12-01 Christophe Lincoln Add Talito manual page
2007-12-01 Christophe Lincoln Add default config file (tazlito.conf)
2007-12-01 Christophe Lincoln Add tazlito 1.1 from slitaz-tools-1.3
2007-12-01 Christophe Lincoln Initial commit with a short README file