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1 TazIRC - The SliTaz IRC tools
2 ================================================================================
5 TazIRC provides a small command line IRC client and an IRC Log Bot. Both are
6 entirely written in SHell script and use Busybox nc and libtaz functions.
7 TazIRC can connect to all standardized IRC daemons, handle cmdline options and
8 doesn't have a configuration file. Run tazirc/tazirc-lb without arguments to
9 get a short usage and list of options. See below for some usage examples.
12 Installation
13 ------------
15 # make install
18 TazIRC Usage
19 ------------
20 You can simply connect to a server, then join a channel or directly join a channel
21 using the --chan= option on cmdline. Run tazirc without arguments to get a short
22 usage and list of options. Let's connect to SliTaz IRC channel on freenode as the
23 duly famous user tux:
25 $ tazirc irc.freenode.net tux --chan=slitaz
27 You can also connect to a server, then join a channel with:
29 $ tazirc irc.freenode.net tux
30 $ /join #slitaz
32 TazIRC will handle a few short IRC commands:
34 /j: JOIN
35 /q: QUIT
38 TazIRC Log Bot Usage
39 --------------------
40 TazIRC-lb, the IRC Log Bot can be combined with conspy or screen to have local or
41 online archives of various IRC channels. Let's log the official SliTaz channel on
42 Freenode:
44 $ tazirc-lb irc.freenode.net slitaz
46 Use Ctrl-c to exit. You will find the logs in the current directory or you can
47 use the --dest= option to set the output logs path.
50 Translation
51 -----------
52 To start a new translation please use msginit from the pot file directory.
53 Example for French/France locale (fr_FR):
55 $ msginit -l fr_FR -o fr.po -i tazbox.pot
57 To update all pot files when some new strings have been added (mainly for
58 developers before commit) and to update all translations from the pot file:
60 $ make pot && make msgmerge
63 ================================================================================