slitaz-base-files log rootfs/etc/profile

age author description
2014-04-16 Christophe Lincoln Update /etc/profile and use colored prompt
2013-12-01 Pascal Bellard typo in /etc/profile
2013-02-19 Pascal Bellard /etc/profile: add pushd/popd/dirs
2012-11-05 Pascal Bellard /etc/profile: find outgoing ip
2011-03-15 Antoine Bodin clean-up code: removing trailing spaces
2011-03-06 Paul Issott Typo
2010-12-31 Pascal Bellard /etc/profile: update xterm title
2010-10-19 frederic guilbault adding /usr/local to PATH and LD_LIBRARY
2010-02-02 Christophe Lincoln Moved ldd alias to exec script
2010-02-02 Christophe Lincoln Set G_FILENAME_ENCODING to UTF-8
2009-10-24 Paul Issott Tiny edits and README translation
2009-06-13 Christophe Lincoln Make OpenOffice look better (Thanks Outramus)
2009-06-13 Christophe Lincoln Move man alias to /usr/bin/man
2009-03-09 Pascal Bellard /etc/profile: new ldd alias
2008-12-15 Pascal Bellard Wine doesn't like ulimit -v 5242882.5
2008-12-12 Bill Nagel fix bash/ash line wrap issue
2008-09-25 Pascal Bellard /etc/profile: mysql doesn't like huge stacks2.4
2008-09-02 Pascal Bellard /etc/profile: fix prompt for bash
2008-07-29 Pascal Bellard firefox need more than 256M vmemory
2008-07-29 Pascal Bellard pcmanfm need more than 64M vmemory
2008-07-26 Pascal Bellard /etc/profile: prevent memory leak for data, stack, memory, vmemory
2008-07-26 Pascal Bellard /etc/profile: prevent memory leak, 64M data max
2008-07-19 Mike D. Smith Fix typos
2008-07-16 Pascal Bellard man: take a look at mirror.slitaz.org2.3
2008-07-16 Pascal Bellard man: check retawq exists
2008-07-16 Pascal Bellard man: typo, (3)
2008-07-16 Pascal Bellard man: typo, again
2008-07-16 Pascal Bellard man: typo
2008-07-16 Pascal Bellard man: add html manpages
2008-07-16 Pascal Bellard man: accept unpacked man pages
2008-07-16 Pascal Bellard add default man command in /etc/profile
2008-06-24 Pascal Bellard update ldd alias
2008-05-13 Pascal Bellard will declare /etc/locale.conf /etc/TZ
2008-05-03 Pascal Bellard /etc/profile: fix X11 forwarding
2008-03-08 Christophe Lincoln No red prompt for root (display problem with colors)
2007-12-24 Pascal Bellard Add ldd fake in /etc/profile
2007-12-24 Pascal Bellard Initial commit from slitaz-base-files-1.0.tar.gz