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Last change     : 2018-03-22 04:32 +0200
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2 months ago Aleksej Bobylev fix behavior of action when it has two or more arguments in form of `action 'Text %s' $var`default tip
3 months ago Aleksej Bobylev Update po/it.po (thanks Christian Michelini)
3 months ago Aleksej Bobylev Add Italian; make pot; make msgmerge; make clean
5 months ago Pascal Bellard /lib/ TZ should be set
8 months ago Paul Issott Tiny edit
8 months ago Aleksej Bobylev rootfs/etc/profile: comment 64MB limit out for "data seg size".
8 months ago Aleksej Bobylev rootfs/etc/init.d/rc.functions: add cmdline_option()
10 months ago Pascal Bellard dot command may not search current directory first
14 months ago Christophe Lincoln add info() to display an info in same place than status()
15 months ago Aleksej Bobylev get_cols(): allow > 80 cols.

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5.6 7d172a9f8000
5.5 2c88b0d80534
5.4.2 259c174621c7
5.4.1 b2311939ad7e
5.4 4b43ed13b73e


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