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slitaz-i18n: give translations from yad-gtk2 package.
author Aleksej Bobylev <al.bobylev@gmail.com>
date Tue Oct 25 01:31:43 2016 +0300 (2016-10-25)
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2 # Packages LC_MESSAGES included in the locale pack.
3 CORE_PKGS="acl alsaplayer alsa-utils asunder atk attr busybox dialog e2fsprogs \
4 elfutils epdfview galculator gdk-pixbuf glib glibc glib-networking gparted \
5 gpicview gtk+ gvfs kbd leafpad libfm gnutls libgpg-error libidn xz libwebkit \
6 lxappearance lxinput lxpanel lxrandr lxsession lxsession-edit lxtask \
7 mhwaveedit midori mtpaint nano obconf openbox parted pcmanfm polkit popt \
8 sakura shared-mime-info udisks2 util-linux vorbis-tools vte \
9 xorg-xkeyboard-config yad-gtk2"
11 CORE_PKGS_ARM="acl attr dialog e2fsprogs jwm libgpg-error lynx nano"
13 # List of all locale pack (locale-xx)
14 LOCALE_PACK="ar cs da de el en es fi fr hr hu id is it ja nb nl nn pl pt pt_BR \
15 ro ru sl sv tr uk zh_CN zh_TW"