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2014-02-01 Paul Issott Tiny editsdefault tip
2014-01-28 Christophe Lincoln Add 2 small scripts to handle quota and signup
2014-01-27 Christophe Lincoln Add slish to /etc/shells (used by dropbear) and some improvment
2014-01-25 Paul Issott Tiny typo
2014-01-24 Christophe Lincoln Add glibc-dev lua and tinypy to default chroot
2014-01-24 Christophe Lincoln Fix a typo and change a function name
2014-01-23 Christophe Lincoln Add a users list command
2014-01-23 Christophe Lincoln Bunch of improvments and new cmds
2014-01-22 Paul Issott Tiny edits
2014-01-22 Christophe Lincoln Added SliSH icon/logo

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