wok log

age author description
2013-02-07 ernia poppler, poppler-dev, poppler-apps, poppler-qt4: up to 0.22.0
2013-02-07 Pascal Bellard Add tcpreplay
2013-02-07 Pascal Bellard muparser: update genpkg_rules
2013-02-07 Alexander Medvedev Add: mp3val (0.1.8)
2013-02-07 Aleksej Bobylev Add alarm-clock-applet
2013-02-06 Alexander Medvedev Up: stella (3.7.5)
2013-02-06 Alexander Medvedev Add: muparser and raine emulator
2013-02-06 Alexander Medvedev Up: wine (1.5.23)
2013-02-06 Alexander Medvedev Fix: libsdl now builds with OpenGL support
2013-02-06 Pascal Bellard syslinux/iso2exe: fix checksum
2013-02-06 Alexander Medvedev Up: xorg-xf86-video-intel (2.21.0)
2013-02-05 Pascal Bellard syslinux/iso2exe: add win32 stub
2013-02-04 ernia desktop-file-utils*: up (0.21)
2013-02-04 ernia pcmanfm: fix menu icon
2013-02-03 Pascal Bellard syslinux: add 5.0 searchdir resource leak fix
2013-02-01 Claudinei Pereira merge
2013-02-01 Claudinei Pereira Add: pysolfc (2.0)
2013-02-01 ernia up sip sip-dev (4.14.3) + update wget url
2013-02-01 ernia up dbus-python* (1.1.1)
2013-02-01 Pascal Bellard Add perl-md4
2013-01-31 Claudinei Pereira Up: guvcview (1.6.1, using now gtk+3 since it seems to not conflict with gtk+)
2013-01-31 Pascal Bellard Up cookutils (3.1.2)
2013-01-30 Claudinei Pereira Add: guvcview (1.5.0, newer versions uses gtk3, so skipping them for now)
2013-01-31 Aleksej Bobylev Add wxHexEditor
2013-01-30 Claudinei Pereira Add: volumeicon (0.4.6)
2013-01-30 Claudinei Pereira Up: cmus (v2.5.0)
2013-01-30 Aleksej Bobylev gtk+3: fix BUILD_DEPENDS (thanks Pascal!)
2013-01-30 Aleksej Bobylev gpm: /usr/lib/*.so must be executable
2013-01-30 Aleksej Bobylev gtk+3: moved from wok-undigest
2013-01-30 ernia add python cssselect
2013-01-30 Pascal Bellard Up cookutils (3.1.1)
2013-01-29 ernia xournal: up to 4.7
2013-01-29 ernia add python netifaces
2013-01-29 ernia add libwmf libwmf-dev
2013-01-29 ernia add python dnspython
2013-01-29 ernia add python cssutils
2013-01-29 Pascal Bellard gpm: update bdeps
2013-01-29 Pascal Bellard Up gpm (1.20.7)
2013-01-29 Pascal Bellard gpm: add post_install
2013-01-29 Pascal Bellard xorg-xauth: add common path (thanks mojo)
2013-01-27 Pascal Bellard giac: add LDFLAGS
2013-01-27 Pascal Bellard Up cookutils (3.1)
2013-01-27 Pascal Bellard linux64: quick fix
2013-01-26 Pascal Bellard linux: do not compress modules twice (thanks Fabio)
2013-01-26 Pascal Bellard giac: partial dirty fix
2013-01-26 Paul Issott xvkbd: add 3d effects
2013-01-26 Pascal Bellard move modules64.list from linux to linux64
2013-01-26 Aleksej Bobylev gnome-games: fix build
2013-01-26 Pascal Bellard pygtk: add numpy support
2013-01-26 Pascal Bellard qt4: typo
2013-01-26 Pascal Bellard linux: typo in check_modules.sh
2013-01-26 Pascal Bellard qt4: configure detection should not break build (again)
2013-01-26 Pascal Bellard qt4: configure detection should not break build
2013-01-26 Pascal Bellard linux: update check_modules.sh
2013-01-26 Pascal Bellard slitaz-boot-scripts: /usr/bin/rcSconf needs /bin/sh
2013-01-26 Aleksej Bobylev Add croscore-fonts: Chrome OS Fonts
2013-01-26 Aleksej Bobylev Add ttf-roboto: Android Roboto Fonts
2013-01-26 ernia libbfd: up same version as binutils, 2.23.1
2013-01-26 Aleksej Bobylev cssed: fix build
2013-01-25 Alexander Medvedev Up: atk (2.6.0)
2013-01-25 Alexander Medvedev Up: binutils (2.23.1)
2013-01-26 Aleksej Bobylev cssed, gnome-games: try to fix build
2013-01-25 Paul Issott Up nethogs (0.8.0)
2013-01-25 Paul Issott Up pktstat (1.8.5)
2013-01-25 Pascal Bellard netkit-rsh: fix compile_rules
2013-01-25 Pascal Bellard Add netkit-rsh
2013-01-25 Pascal Bellard xpaint: update bdeps
2013-01-25 Pascal Bellard Add libXaw3dXft
2013-01-25 Pascal Bellard Add xpaint (thanks mojo)
2013-01-25 Pascal Bellard Add xorg-libXaw3d
2013-01-24 Stanislas Leduc Fix missing build-depends nux-module-headers
2013-01-24 Aleksej Bobylev LyX and friends: up
2013-01-23 Pascal Bellard syslinux: remove keyboard help
2013-01-23 ernia Sakura: added missing icon file
2013-01-23 ernia sakura: fix icon and missing icon in lxpanel windows list
2013-01-23 ernia xpad: fix missing icon in lxpanel windows list
2013-01-23 Pascal Bellard Up fuse-exfat, exfat-utils (1.0.0)
2013-01-23 Aleksej Bobylev Add lyx-locales, lyx-doc, lyx-examples
2013-01-21 Pascal Bellard Up busybox (1.21.0)
2013-01-20 Samuel Trassare mercurial: up 2.4.2
2013-01-20 Pascal Bellard libjreen: update $WGET_URL
2013-01-20 ernia foremost fix conf error message
2013-01-19 Alexander Medvedev Fix: qutim depends
2013-01-19 Alexander Medvedev Add libjreen (1.1.1)
2013-01-19 Pascal Bellard qutim: update bdeps
2013-01-19 Pascal Bellard vlc: add subtitles support (thanks tkoun)
2013-01-19 Alexander Medvedev Add: qutim (0.3.1)
2013-01-18 Pascal Bellard busybox-boot: clean /dev (again)
2013-01-18 Pascal Bellard busybox-boot: clean /dev
2013-01-18 Pascal Bellard Up lftp (4.4.0)
2013-01-18 Richard Dunbar Add firefox-langpak-it (thanks ernia)
2013-01-17 Pascal Bellard cookutils: get tarball from hg
2013-01-17 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Up: tazlito (5.1), tazpanel (1.6.1), tazusb (4.2.1), tazweb (1.6.3)
2013-01-17 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Up: tazdev (1.9)
2013-01-17 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Up: slitaz-dev-tools (1.9)
2013-01-17 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Up: slitaz-configs-base (5.13)
2013-01-17 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Up: slitaz-configs (5.13)
2013-01-17 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Up: slitaz-boot-scripts (5.3.1)
2013-01-17 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Up: slitaz-base-files (5.4)
2013-01-17 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Up: cookuitls (3.0)
2013-01-17 Pascal Bellard busybox-boot: boot with loopfs= cmdline arg
2013-01-17 Pascal Bellard busybox-boot: add mount=, loopfs= & subroot= cmdline args (again)
2013-01-17 Pascal Bellard busybox-boot: add mount=, loopfs= & subroot= cmdline args (again)
2013-01-17 Pascal Bellard busybox/busybox-static: add vi, less, nc
2013-01-17 Pascal Bellard busybox-boot: add mount=, loopfs= & subroot= cmdline args
2013-01-15 Pascal Bellard libboost-dev, input-utils, gcc3, gcc+gcj, ffmpeg-svn, zsnes, zlib, nimrod, mtpaint: use $ARCH
2013-01-15 Pascal Bellard asterisk: use $ARCH
2013-01-15 Pascal Bellard asterisk: use make -j 1
2013-01-15 Pascal Bellard linux64: CONFIG_SCSI_MULTI_LUN=y
2013-01-15 Richard Dunbar linux: CONFIG_SCSI_MULTI_LUN=y
2013-01-14 Pascal Bellard dahdi-man: typo
2013-01-14 Pascal Bellard Up dahdi (2.6.1)
2013-01-14 Pascal Bellard Up asterisk (1.11.1)
2013-01-14 Pascal Bellard Add dd_rhelp
2013-01-13 Pawel P. Add njconnect - ncurses utility to connect Jack apps.
2013-01-13 Pawel P. Jack1 - dev package - remove one empty line for force to rebuild package (do not know it is posible doing this in better way)
2013-01-13 Pawel P. Jack1 fix (missing one header file)
2013-01-13 Pawel P. .. and Wine-RT dev package OFC
2013-01-13 xjjx Wine-RT update to version 1.5.21
2013-01-13 Richard Dunbar get-opera: new up-to-date mirror,remove depends