Welcome to the SliTaz EeePC flavor. This can be used from a cdrom on a standard desktop to create a LiveUSB system. On the EeePC you can easily boot from a USB key or a SD card - just press Esc when powered on to select the wanted device. The SliTaz EeePC flavor provides the tools and drivers used on the EeePC: 701, 901 and 1000.

Live USB media

To use this system on the EeePC, you will need to create a LiveUSB device. The simplest option to generate one is to boot the LiveCD on a standard desktop and then run: System Tools → LiveUSB Tool. If you already run SliTaz from a core LiveCD or an installed system, you can generate the LiveUSB media directly using the ISO image. If you want to create the media using the command line, please read the Handbook or TazUSB manual.


When booting the Live system on an EeePC, the Wireless network interface is enabled by default if the driver is installed. To manage Wireless network connections you can use Wifibox from the menu: System Tools → Wireless networks connections. To use an Ethernet cable connection you can use Netbox from the menu and start the DHCP client.

Package slitaz-eeepc

The package slitaz-eeepc provides a small tool named tazee, and a boot script to configure an EeePC. The configuration is stored in the /etc/eeepc.conf file. To read the current configuration you can open it in a text editor, use SliTaz EeePC Box from the menu or use the command: tazeee show-config.