wok log bazaar-tools/receipt

age author description
2017-08-03 Leonardo Laporte Add: description.txt and links revision.
2015-05-22 Aleksej Bobylev Rebuild Python packages to remove "*.pyc" files from package.lists (part 1).
2014-01-24 Christopher Rogers bazaar-tools: I think cookutils only uses real wget when https is in WGET_URL.
2014-01-24 Pascal Bellard bazaar-tools, transmission: update bdeps
2014-01-24 Christopher Rogers Up: bazaar-tools to 2.6.0.
2013-11-10 Pascal Bellard Add some licenses
2011-10-13 Christopher Rogers Up: bazaar-tools to 2.4.1.
2011-02-19 Christopher Rogers Add bazzar-tools.