wok log gdbm/receipt

age author description
2014-03-09 Christophe Lincoln Add to ARM: sqlite ptunnel libpcap gdbm gc
2013-08-10 Pascal Bellard Add GPL3 licenses
2012-01-02 Antoine Bodin Fix build/host configure option in recipes which was not detecting the right ones well + tiny fixes.
2011-11-25 Alexander Medvedev Up: gdbm (1.10)
2011-05-24 Christopher Rogers gdbm: moved depends.
2011-01-27 Antoine Bodin imported patch toolchain/gdbm.patch
2010-11-17 Christopher Rogers Removed tazpkg genpkg from alot of packages that don't need them since there just repackaging them 2nd time.
2008-10-01 Pascal Bellard Add gdbm