wok log zlib-dev/receipt

age author description
2013-07-05 Pascal Bellard Add some licenses
2013-05-02 Pascal Bellard Up zlib (1.2.8)
2012-05-22 Christophe Lincoln zlib: first x86_64 package :-)
2012-05-13 Christophe Lincoln zlib-dev: Up to 1.2.7 and add it to arm
2012-02-27 Christopher Rogers Up: zlib to 1.2.6.
2010-10-09 Christopher Rogers Fixed giflib-dev, jpeg-dev, libpng-dev, tiff-dev, and zlib-dev. I made there wanted package be depends also since you need the .so files to compile things also most of the time.
2010-08-14 Matthew Sheets zlib: Update receipt
2010-05-01 Christophe Lincoln Up: zlin-dev (1.2.5) Please dont forget -dev pkg when upgrade
2008-02-13 Christophe Lincoln All *-dev pkgs goes in category development
2008-01-04 Christophe Lincoln Corrected zlib-dev receipt (...)
2007-12-14 Christophe Lincoln Add : bzip2, slitaz-tools, sqlite-dev, zlib-dev