wok log libsdl-dev/receipt

age author description
2015-11-11 Aleksej Bobylev Recompile libsdl, libsdl-mixer with alsa sound support
2014-03-16 Christophe Lincoln Some fixes, up ffplay, add more pkgs to ARM
2013-12-05 Pascal Bellard Update some bdeps with pkg-config
2013-06-11 Pascal Bellard lib[s-z]*: add LICENSE
2011-03-28 Christopher Rogers Removed all .la files in libsdl* packages.
2011-02-20 Christopher Rogers Removed all/most _pkg= lines in wok. The new tazwok-experimental can SOURCE paths and source are are all extracted to WOK/PACKAGE/PACKAGE-VERSION now with tazwok-experimental.
2010-10-18 Christopher Rogers Added libsdl to libsdl-dev depends.
2010-09-11 Christopher Rogers Up: libsdl, libsdl-dev to 1.2.14.
2009-06-13 Christophe Lincoln Ren: libSDL -> libsdl (result = rebuild all SDL games to remove libiconv dep)