wok log sane-backends/receipt

age author description
2018-05-20 Pascal Bellard Up tazlito (501)
2018-05-04 Pascal Bellard hp15c: fix help
2018-05-03 Pascal Bellard Up hp15c (4.0.00)
2018-01-23 Pascal Bellard sane-backends: add handles
2016-07-06 Pascal Bellard sane-backends, scons, scrot, shell-fm, smake, soundtouch, wireless_tools: fix man or doc path
2015-12-26 Pascal Bellard sane-backends: reset tazpanel menu cache
2015-12-20 Pascal Bellard Quote root dir in post_install
2015-07-29 Pascal Bellard sane-backends/sane.cgi: resize to screen width in preview
2015-07-25 Pascal Bellard sane-backends: add tazpanel/sane.cgi
2013-08-10 Pascal Bellard Add some GPL2 licenses
2012-04-19 Pascal Bellard sane-backends: update bdeps
2012-04-19 Christopher Rogers sane-backends: Clean up. Add support for libv4l 0.8.3+.
2011-05-18 Eric Joseph-Alexandre sane-backends: change deps (libtool)
2011-03-26 Antoine Bodin Depends fix: replace libusb by libusb-compat
2011-02-14 Christopher Rogers Up: sane-backends to 1.0.22.
2011-01-17 Antoine Bodin Fix: sane-backends needs -j1 to install
2010-09-29 Christopher Rogers Up: sane-backends, sane-backends-dev to 1.0.21.
2010-03-12 Rohit Joshi fix hp officejet: sane-backends
2010-03-06 Rohit Joshi libgphoto2, scanner: reconfigure udev after addition of new rule
2010-03-06 Rohit Joshi fix typos: add scanner group
2010-02-28 Pascal Bellard [s-w]*: update depends
2010-02-23 Rohit Joshi fix: add group scanner
2009-06-16 Rohit Joshi Up: sane-backends & -dev; fix permissions and udev rule;create grp scanner
2009-03-13 Pascal Bellard sane-backends, shared-mime-info, sipsak, slang, slock, smbclient, snownews, socat: update depends
2008-10-06 Pascal Bellard Update some BUILD_DEPENDS
2008-04-22 Christophe Lincoln Add: sane-backends (Scanning support)