wok log ppp/receipt

age author description
2018-05-20 Pascal Bellard Up tazlito (501)
2018-05-06 Pascal Bellard pppd: into dialout group
2017-12-21 Pascal Bellard ppp: add post_install
2016-08-09 Pascal Bellard ppp: remove pppnc (done by pppssh)
2016-07-10 Pascal Bellard ppp, dropbear: filter CONFIG_FILES
2016-04-30 Pascal Bellard cross/arm: fix build for aterm flex lame ppp
2015-05-12 Pascal Bellard ppp: update deps
2015-05-05 Pascal Bellard ppp/ppp.cgi: s/rtc/pstn/ , VPN submenu
2015-05-02 Pascal Bellard Up ppp (2.4.7)
2015-05-02 Pascal Bellard ppp:add ppp.cgi
2014-03-30 Christophe Lincoln libxcb: back to 1.9.1 for ARM (1.10 is needed for wayland)
2014-02-24 Pascal Bellard ppp: add pppnc
2014-02-08 Pascal Bellard dropbear/pppssh: add routes support
2014-02-08 Pascal Bellard pppd: add /etc/ppp/ip-up.d & /etc/ppp/ip-down.d
2013-12-06 Pascal Bellard Use install instead of _pkg
2013-06-07 Pascal Bellard Add perl-cgi, perl-config-general, perl-http-server-simple, perl-mailtools, perl-mime-lite, perl-mime-types
2012-04-15 trixar_za pppd script fixes
2012-03-24 Dominique Corbex ppp: only hide Login/pass from users
2012-03-23 Dominique Corbex ppp: fix modem dialup failing
2012-02-25 Pascal Bellard ppp: build rp-pppoe.so (again)
2012-02-25 Pascal Bellard ppp: build rp-pppoe.so (again)
2012-02-25 Pascal Bellard ppp: build rp-pppoe.so (again)
2012-02-25 Pascal Bellard ppp: build rp-pppoe.so
2011-04-04 Christopher Rogers Removed more unneeded strips (those ones are handled by Tazwok).
2011-04-04 Antoine Bodin Remove some uneeded strips (thoses ones are handled by Tazwok)
2010-03-16 Rohit Joshi ppp: improve sed to ppp-on
2010-03-16 Rohit Joshi ppp:improve ip* scripts path
2010-03-16 Rohit Joshi Up: ppp* (wvdial was problematic earlier)
2010-03-16 Rohit Joshi downgrade ppp* (new version not working:kultex)
2010-03-15 Rohit Joshi Up: ppp*; add missing ip-up, ip-down scripts (thanks kultex)
2008-10-23 Pascal Bellard Add CONFIG_FILES for alsa-utils gtk+ pango ppp
2008-06-23 Pascal Bellard ppp: fix ppp-on-dialer path
2008-02-13 Christophe Lincoln Category network (internet tools)
2008-02-02 Christophe Lincoln Removed cat base-apps and dispatch pkgs
2007-12-13 Christophe Lincoln Add : iptables, libcap, pcre, ppp, sqlite