wok log bash/receipt

age author description
2018-05-20 Pascal Bellard Up tazlito (501)
2017-02-18 Pascal Bellard bash: without installed readline
2017-02-14 Pascal Bellard bash: patches in SOURCES_REPOSITORY
2017-01-01 Alexander Medvedev Up: bash 4.4
2016-12-13 Aleksej Bobylev Up: cookutils(847), advancecomp(1.23); bash: update depends.
2016-03-11 Aleksej Bobylev Up slitaz-configs(274), tazpkg(899); fix deps in libnotify-dev
2015-10-08 Aleksej Bobylev bash: post_install() not [ fails ] when you refuse to make bash default
2015-10-03 Aleksej Bobylev bash: /etc/skel/ may absent
2015-10-03 Aleksej Bobylev bash: fix ~/.bashrc creation, etc.; dia: fix icons packaging (thanks llev for reports)
2015-09-11 Alexander Medvedev Up: bash (4.3.42)
2015-06-01 Pascal Bellard Up bash (4.3.39)
2015-02-14 Alexander Medvedev Up: bash 4.3.30
2015-01-30 Pascal Bellard Update some post_install for install --root
2014-10-08 Pascal Bellard bash: update version
2014-10-08 Pascal Bellard bash: apply *all* security fixes (again)
2014-10-08 Pascal Bellard bash: apply *all* security fixes
2014-10-02 Pascal Bellard bash: CVE-2014-7169 fix
2014-09-25 Pascal Bellard bash: CVE-2014-6271 fix
2014-01-23 Richard Dunbar bash: prevent rm .bashrc error when removing bash
2013-09-07 Pascal Bellard Add some licenses
2013-08-10 Pascal Bellard Add GPL3 licenses
2012-12-11 xfred222 bug 33 : Set bash as default in /etc/passwd & copy .bashrc to users
2011-05-24 Christopher Rogers autoconf: Added cook_tmp_toolchain function to fix tazwok cook-toolchain.
2011-05-22 Christophe Lincoln bash: make it cross compile!
2011-05-22 Christophe Lincoln bash: use native gcc it dont cross compile
2011-05-20 Christopher Rogers bash: Add $CONFIGURE_ARGS.
2011-05-07 Christophe Lincoln a*, b*, c*: starte with a tiny sed in the wok for stuff/ --> $/stuff
2011-04-15 Christopher Rogers bash: Fixed bash pre_remove function to work with --root in tazpkg.
2011-04-04 Antoine Bodin Remove some uneeded strips (thoses ones are handled by Tazwok)
2011-02-18 Christopher Rogers Up: bash to 4.2.
2011-01-27 Antoine Bodin imported patch toolchain/bash.patch
2011-01-09 Antoine Bodin Up: bash 4.1
2010-12-13 Antoine Bodin bash: add a timer on sh link question.
2009-03-21 Paul Issott bash: tiny fixes
2009-02-23 Christophe Lincoln Up: bash (4.0)
2009-02-05 Christophe Lincoln bash: fix sh link when removing
2008-10-12 Pascal Bellard Apply patchs once for bash cromfs cyrus-imapd jwm lsdvd mISDNuser module-init-tools qemu rox-filer xpat2
2008-02-13 Christophe Lincoln Category system-tools (file manger, pciutils, etc)
2008-01-04 Christophe Lincoln Use busybox patch to apply bash patch
2008-01-04 Christophe Lincoln Fix bash patch
2007-12-18 Christophe Lincoln Add : bash, cmake, curl, curl-dev