wok log edbus-dev/receipt

age author description
23 months ago Pascal Bellard Update some web_site to https
2014-03-26 Christophe Lincoln edbus-dev sync version
2014-03-26 Christophe Lincoln ARM: add enlightenment
2013-12-05 Pascal Bellard Update some bdeps with pkg-config
2013-11-05 Dominique Corbex Up: edbus-dev (1.7.9)
2013-08-10 Pascal Bellard enlightenment: add license
2013-08-08 Dominique Corbex Up: edbus-dev (1.7.8)
2013-06-06 Dominique Corbex edbus-dev: Up to 1.7.7
2013-04-23 Dominique Corbex edbus-dev: update deps
2013-04-12 Dominique Corbex Up: efl (1.7.6)
2013-04-07 Dominique Corbex Up: edbus-dev (1.7.5)
2012-11-16 Christophe Lincoln Up: edbus (1.7.1)
2011-05-26 Christophe Lincoln enlightenment and libs: huge clean to bdeps and make it build
2011-05-25 Christophe Lincoln edbus: up to fix e17 build (1.0.1)
2011-02-12 Antoine Bodin Update e17 stuff to last version
2010-01-10 Christophe Lincoln Up: All e17 library to the last snapshot (2009-12-02)
2009-09-17 Christophe Lincoln Up: enlightenment (snapshot 062) + eet (1.2.2)
2009-05-06 Christophe Lincoln Add edbus (E17 wrappers around dbu)