wok log locale-sl/receipt

age author description
2013-08-03 Aleksej Bobylev slitaz-i18n: rewrite locale-pack.functions; slitaz-configs: now generate openbox desktop menu using po files; locale-*: update using new locale-pack.functions (FIXME: post_remove)
2012-02-27 Pascal Bellard locale*: update WANTED
2011-06-01 Christophe Lincoln locale-*: we dont source other receipt anymore (save 4 lines by receipt!)
2011-05-30 Christophe Lincoln locale-*: we dont need compile rules any more since core pkgs are in slitaz-i18n bdeps
2011-05-30 Christophe Lincoln locale-*: Up to 4.0 version string, had core pkgs to french pack (we dont have any po file now!) and add nano, mtpaint, midori to all languages pack
2011-05-08 Christopher Rogers Fixed up the errors from last commit.
2011-05-08 Christopher Rogers Replaced all ../stuff with $stuff.
2010-02-02 Christophe Lincoln glibc-base and locale pack: switch to UTF-8
2009-05-16 Christophe Lincoln locale-*: Dont source slitaz-18n file each time
2009-05-16 Christophe Lincoln Add slitaz-i18n (provide script and conf to build languages pack) + clean up
2009-05-12 Christophe Lincoln locale-*: Keep current config when on upgrade or install
2009-04-22 Christophe Lincoln Up: locale-* (1.1) - Include more apps and use the last glibc
2009-02-25 Christophe Lincoln Fix receipt for Slovenian kbd ans locale
2009-02-24 Christophe Lincoln Add locale-sl (Slovenian locale pack)