wok log pcmanfm/receipt

age author description
2012-04-23 Christophe Lincoln Rename linux-util-ng to util-linux in all packages
2012-03-26 Pascal Bellard bluefish, libfm, obconf, pcmanfm, shared-mime-info, xournal, zim: fix update-mime-database post_install
2012-03-01 Pascal Bellard pcmanfm: update bdeps (again)
2012-03-01 Pascal Bellard pcmanfm: update bdeps
2012-02-29 Samuel Trassare pcmanfm: removed unnecessary copy operation
2012-02-22 Claudinei Pereira Pcmanfm: minor fix on depends
2012-02-19 Richard Dunbar pcmanfm: update deps
2012-01-24 Pascal Bellard asunder, beaver, leafpad, mhwaveedit, pcmanfm: install .desktop file
2011-05-08 Christopher Rogers Replaced all ../stuff with $stuff.
2011-02-14 Antoine Bodin Fix: replace exit 1 by return 1 in receipts (exit broke cook-list function)
2011-01-29 Antoine Bodin Fix: pcmanfm & openbox need j1 to make install well
2009-10-26 Christophe Lincoln Up: pcmanfm (0.5.2)
2009-09-09 Christophe Lincoln Removed libuuid and update DEPENDS for all afected pkgs
2009-08-25 Christophe Lincoln Move tazpkg mime info to tazpkg source
2009-07-21 Matthew Sheets Upgrade: pcmanfm (0.5 to 0.5.1)
2009-06-28 Christophe Lincoln pcmanfm: Removed hardcoded package size
2009-06-27 Eric Joseph-Alexandre pcmanfm: french transation (thanks Taziden)
2009-06-27 Eric Joseph-Alexandre pcmanfm: add tazpkg handler.
2009-03-16 Pascal Bellard p*: update depends
2009-03-14 Pascal Bellard pcmanfm: update build_depends
2009-03-14 Pascal Bellard pango, parted, partimage, pciutils, pcmanfm, pcre-dev; perl*: update depends
2008-12-14 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Add: ndiswrapper-driver, end of split.
2008-08-25 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Fix: BUILD_DEPENDS in pcmanfm.
2008-07-16 Christophe Lincoln Up: pcmanfm (0.5) - With new find tool
2008-07-15 Christophe Lincoln Up: pcmanfm (
2008-07-14 Christophe Lincoln Up: pcmanfm (0.4.6) - add desktop file to chg bg from the preferences menu
2008-06-30 Christophe Lincoln Up: pcmanfm (0.4.5)
2008-06-19 Christophe Lincoln Up: pcmanfm (0.4.3) - Desktop drag and drop!
2008-05-15 Christophe Lincoln pcmanfm: build with HAL support + new icon
2008-05-12 Christophe Lincoln Up: pcmanfm (
2008-05-04 Christophe Lincoln Up: pcmanfm (0.4.0)
2008-04-23 Christophe Lincoln Removed icons in: epdfview, hardinfo, lxpanel, pcmanfm
2008-04-21 Christophe Lincoln Up: pcmanfm ( - Can manage desktop icons and wallpaper
2008-03-05 Christophe Lincoln Up: gnupg, iptable, pcmanfm and pidgin
2008-02-24 Christophe Lincoln Add pcmanfm and gamin