wok log libQtCore/receipt

age author description
2010-04-29 Rohit Joshi rename qt-everywhere* to simple qt4; improve all receipts; tazwok need to work with SOURCE and WANTED (feature not patched for quite long now); improve compile options and add libQtOpenGL back
2010-04-28 Christopher Rogers Up: qt-everywhere-opensource-src (4.6.2) - Renamed qt-x11-opensource-src to qt-everywhere-opensource-src. Updated WEBSITE and WGET_URL. Remove libQtOpenGL since its not in qt anymore.
2010-02-28 Pascal Bellard l*: update depends
2009-04-29 Rohit Joshi fix: QT receipts for apps:smplayer,vlc
2009-04-29 Allan Pinto fixed pkgconfig add in libQtCore
2009-04-29 Allan Pinto update to 4.5.0
2009-03-15 Pascal Bellard lame, lbreakout2, libQt*: update depends
2008-09-11 Allan Pinto Add libQtCore