wok log nmap/receipt

age author description
2012-09-26 Samuel Trassare Up nmap 6.01
2011-05-20 Christopher Rogers nmap: Add $CONFIGURE_ARGS.
2011-04-04 Antoine Bodin Remove some uneeded strips (thoses ones are handled by Tazwok)
2011-02-12 Christopher Rogers Up: nmap to 5.51.
2011-02-03 Christopher Rogers Down: nmap to 5.21.
2011-01-29 Christopher Rogers Up: nmap to 5.50.
2010-11-07 Christopher Rogers Changed libpcap to libpcap-dev in build depends of packages that used libpcap for build depends before.
2010-09-23 Christopher Rogers Fixed openssl and nmap. Added depends that are need for nmap to build. Enable md2 in openssl to fix nmap compiling problems.
2010-09-21 Christopher Rogers Up: nmap to 5.21.
2010-02-28 Pascal Bellard [m-o]*: update depends
2010-02-24 Rohit Joshi add/improve TAGS n* receipts
2009-03-14 Pascal Bellard ncmpc, net6, netatalk*, newt, nmap, ntfsprogs, ntop, ntp: update depends
2008-09-17 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Up: nmap 4.76
2008-05-13 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Fix: MAINTAINER valu for Erjo's packages.
2008-04-12 Paul Issot Nmap: update DEPENDS
2008-02-05 Eric Joseph-Alexandre FIX : nmap dirin /usr/share
2008-02-05 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Add : libgp-error, lbgcrypt, gnutls for pidgin/SSL support.