wok log libdaq/receipt

age author description
2011-11-20 Christopher Rogers libdaq: Update WGET_URL.
2011-10-12 Christopher Rogers Up: libdaq to 0.6.2.
2011-02-14 Antoine Bodin Fix: remove src definition from libdaq-dev & rework files repartition between libdaq/libdaq-dev
2011-02-13 Antoine Bodin imported patch get/libdaq
2010-12-20 Christopher Rogers Up: libdaq to 0.5.
2010-12-01 Christopher Rogers Up: libdaq to 0.4.
2010-11-07 Christopher Rogers Changed libpcap to libpcap-dev in build depends of packages that used libpcap for build depends before.
2010-11-02 Christopher Rogers Fixed snort and libdaq to uncompress TARBALL as tar.gz instead of tar.bz2.
2010-11-02 Christopher Rogers Added libdaq. Need for new snort.