wok log gcc/receipt

age author description
2012-06-12 Pascal Bellard Add C compiler tags
2012-04-26 Christophe Lincoln Up: gcc (4.6.3) regression fixes
2012-04-12 Christophe Lincoln Up: gcc (4.6.2) Our new compiler :-)
2011-12-10 Antoine Bodin Compat: add binutils as a gcc DEPENDS to ensure proper cookorder in tazwok
2011-05-25 Christopher Rogers gcc: elfutils was in bdeps twice.
2011-05-24 Christopher Rogers gcc: Replaced $BUILD_HOST with $HOST_SYSTEM.
2011-05-22 Christopher Rogers gcc: Removed gawk in build depends. Added check like the one glibc has to install if cook script is found. Fixed tazwok cookorder i hope.
2011-05-20 Christophe Lincoln gcc: we want a native i486 compiler to cross compile full system
2011-05-20 Christophe Lincoln gcc: use CONFIGURE_ARGS so we can cross compile from --build system for --host system (Tank: i686 --> i486)
2011-05-19 Christophe Lincoln gcc: just build c language support at first pass
2011-05-19 Christophe Lincoln gcc: use the tripplet
2011-05-18 Christophe Lincoln gcc: we want a i486 optimised compiler not to host optimised (tank is i686)
2011-05-11 Christopher Rogers Made libobjc so you don't have to install gcc for gnustep packages to work.
2011-05-08 Christophe Lincoln gcc: keep -mtune it was $BUILD_HOST to remove
2011-05-08 Christophe Lincoln gcc: add few more options and enable c++ in --first-pass and remove --tune since we got configure WARNNIG, not use by LFS and not usefull we already have the tripplet --build, --host, --target
2011-05-08 Christophe Lincoln gcc: let cook (nor only cooker) also use --first-pass
2011-05-08 Christophe Lincoln gcc: one more fix to remove gcc-build in genpkg_rules
2011-05-08 Christophe Lincoln gcc: dont erase Godane change ($stuff)
2011-05-08 Christophe Lincoln gcc: make it build with cookutils and let tazwok use its functions
2011-05-08 Christophe Lincoln gcc: first tiny fix (missing -- befor libexecdir)
2011-05-08 Christopher Rogers Replaced all ../stuff with $stuff.
2011-02-15 Antoine Bodin Fix: use right display-related code into gcc
2011-02-14 Antoine Bodin Fix: replace exit 1 by return 1 in receipts (exit broke cook-list function)
2011-01-27 Antoine Bodin imported patch toolchain/gcc.patch
2010-10-17 Christopher Rogers Removed --enable-gold cause gcc and gcc+gcj don't compile right. This is a test to see if it compiles fine on build server without --enable-gold.
2010-10-17 Pascal Bellard gcc,gcc+gcj: add --enable-gold for link time optimizations
2010-08-05 Pascal Bellard gcc: update depends
2010-08-02 Pascal Bellard gcc: fix build_depends
2010-08-02 Pascal Bellard gcc: enable lto
2010-08-02 Pascal Bellard Up gcc (4.5.1)
2010-07-10 Pascal Bellard Speedup some builds
2010-05-12 Rohit Joshi gcc4.5 depends on mpc-library too
2010-04-14 Christophe Lincoln Up: gcc (4.5.0) In time for new toolchain!
2010-04-11 Christophe Lincoln Up: gcc (4.4.3) Part of new toolchain
2010-02-28 Pascal Bellard [f-g]*: update depends
2010-02-12 Pascal Bellard Add gfortran
2009-09-08 Christophe Lincoln gcc: enable objc language
2009-08-04 Paul Issott Up: gcc/gcc-lib-base (4.4.1)
2009-05-26 Christophe Lincoln Up: gcc (4.4.0)
2009-04-22 Christophe Lincoln Up: gcc (4.3.3)
2009-02-25 Pascal Bellard gcc: spin off libgomp
2008-05-04 Christophe Lincoln sudoku-savant: Add a home made pixmap + fix deps on gcc
2008-04-12 Christophe Lincoln New toolchain: binutils-2.17.50, gcc-4.2.3, glibc-2.7
2008-04-09 Christophe Lincoln Up: gcc (4.3.0)
2008-02-29 Christophe Lincoln Typo in categories and clean gcc receipt
2008-02-13 Christophe Lincoln Cat 'development' mostly completed (pelr, python, php, ...)
2007-12-14 Christophe Lincoln Toolchain : binutils, glibc, gcc, make